Apple TV's Rival Coming From Intel Later This Year

13 February 2013, 6:48 am EST By Shailesh Shrivastava email: Mobile & Apps

Intel, the world's largest semiconductor manufacturer, has now shifted its focus on entertainment. The company is planning to bring out its first TV set-top box by this year end.

There have been rumors regarding Intel coming up with an Internet TV service; however, it has now been confirmed by the company's Media corporative vice-president Eric Huggers.

Huggers told AllThingsD that Intel's newly found group, Intel Media, is a division started for the Internet television services. The division has people hired from Apple, Netflix, and Google.

"For the first time, we will deliver a new consumer electronics product under a new brand," Huggers said. "We'll offer consumers a box, and they'll buy this directly from us. It'll be an Intel-powered device with fantastic industrial design. But it's not just a device. We're working with the entire industry to figure out how we get live TV to consumers over the Internet," he was quoted by AllThingsD as saying.

However, as Intel know that bringing the new Internet TV service only will not help it beat rivals in the same field of TV services, it has more plans to reveal.

The California-based chip maker will have to compete with giants like Apple TV, Western Digital, Roku, and Boxee.

In order to compete with giants like these and the companies like LG and Panasonic which provide Internet TV access in their high definition TV sets, Intel will be bringing its TV services for mobile devices also.

Talking to CNET, Huggers said, "I absolutely and completely believe in the world of multiplatform ... anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Consumers and audiences expect that nowadays. Yes, we will make services available on other sockets, on other devices, and on other products just like at the BBC. But to get from nothing to 650 devices at the BBC literally took four years. That doesn't happen overnight, but yeah, you bet, that's completely part of the strategy."

Though Huggers has not gone into price and features details of the 'Intel Box' but speculations could sense the release of the device at least.

The competitor of Apple TV will be arriving somewhere later this year, but people who want to experience the services on their mobile devices will have to wait until next year.

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