Apple iWatch vs. Samsung Galaxy Altius Smartwatch: Rumors Indicate Heated Competition

17 February 2013, 10:48 am EST By Alexandra Burlacu email: Mobile & Apps

Apple's iWatch and the Samsung Galaxy Altius smartwatch are currently among the hottest topics, and more details are surfacing about both gadgets.

More details means more information to go on for a comparison between the two, as Apple and Samsung always go head-to-head with top-notch products.

Apple has reportedly been working on an iWatch that may lead the way to a new era of wearable technology. The iWatch is expected to come with many state-of-the-art features and will presumably allow users to make and receive calls, see messages, and use many other smartphone-like features. When it eventually hits the market, however, it will have a strong competitor.

Korean tech giant and Apple archrival Samsung is reportedly working on a smartwatch as well. Samsung already beat Apple on the smartphone market across the world and the U.S., and now reports indicate that a smartwatch is in the advanced stages of development. Photos are leaking, details are surfacing, rumors and speculation are piling up.

iWatch Rumored Features

Called the iWatch, the upcoming Apple gadget may arrive as a full-fledged smartwatch/ wearable computer. In other words, the rumored gadget allegedly integrates a watch, smartphone, and computer into a single powerful device. The Apple iWatch aims to be a complete device, not just an extension to the smartphone. Apple, however, made no clear mention about such a product.

Apple's iWatch will reportedly sport plenty of exciting features. The device aims to keep users connected to the world through Web, GPS, and other connectivity options. The small display will enable users to access social media statuses, mail updates, Bluetooth sharing, and other computer-like functions on the iWatch.

Rumored specs and features of the upcoming iWatch include a 1.5-inch screen with Gorilla Glass protection, and not just any Gorilla Glass. The iWatch may sport Corning;s newly-announced Willow Glass curved display. Other rumored features include Bluetooth connectivity to integrate better with iPhones, iPads, and iPods touch, and NFC support. It remains unclear whether the gadget will include Siri, sport a version of Apple's map software, or monitor a user's health or daily activity.

Samsung Galaxy Altius Rumors

While Apple definitely has the resources and the brand name to support a smartwatch revolution, Samsung seems to be following closely. According to recent reports, Samsung has already entered the production stage of a gadget called the Galaxy Altius.

The rumor mill has been busy churning about a Samsung smartwatch, and rumors indicate the device may debut along with the company's next-generation Galaxy S4 smartphone. The Galaxy Altius smartwatch will come as a powerful rival to the Apple iWatch, aiming to give Apple a run for its money.

Rumored features of the Galaxy Altius smartwatch include a touchscreen, possible music, alarm, and email applications linked to a smartphone or other device. The Samsung smartwatch will also allow users to handle their phone activities through the gadget. The Altius is expected to make its debut sometime after the Mobile World Congress (MWC).

Numerous rumors about both devices are currently making rounds, but nothing is official so far. Amid all uncertainty, however, one thing's for sure: Apple's iWatch and Samsung's Galaxy Altius smartwatch are bound to be game changers.

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