Rumor: PS4 Going on Sale This November For $429-$529

20 February 2013, 10:31 am EST By Vamien McKalin email: Mobile & Apps

November 2013 seems to be the month the Sony PlayStation 4 will release in the United States, according to so-called reliable Kotaku sources. 

Two PlayStation 4 units will go on sale, according to Kotaku. While prices won't be publicized until the third quarter of 2013, Kotaku's sources say the console will cost from $429 to $529. The numbers appear a bit odd for a console price point, perhaps due to a translation from yen to dollar and anyway, the source says the price could change.

The next PlayStation is said to follow Xbox Live by making many online services require a subscription. This new service is expected to be called PlayStation World, a complete replacement of the current PlayStation Plus premium online service.

What's interesting is when the source claims that PlayStation 4 users will have the ability to control their consoles via a smartphone or tablet, perhaps similar to Xbox SmartGlass. If you are away from your PS4 and feel the need to chat to your friends, you would be able to do so via a mobile application, and to download content to your PlayStation via your phone.

Not a fan of PlayStation Eye? Well, you're out of luck if these rumors turn out to be legitimate. It would appear every PlayStation unit will come equipped with a new version of PlayStation Eye, which is expected to herald a new way of communicating by allowing you to watch your friends playing via your PS4.

All these rumored new features sound exceptionally impressive, but it may be a lot of hype. However, because it's the games that matter the most, if Sony fails to deliver on the gaming front, all the cool features would mean nothing. The world will see how this begins to play out when the PS4 is announced on February 20

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