Google Glass On Shelves This Year And Why You Might Want To Grab A Pair

23 February 2013, 5:43 pm EST By Jimmie Geddes email: Mobile & Apps

Google Glass is what Google believes is "what's next" in the evolution of technology and how we interact with our devices, mainly smartphones. Google believes that Google Glass solves the problem of people being so distracted by technology. People are always looking at different screens all the time, whether it's a smartphone, tablet, or computer, it disengages you from being present. How many times have you been walking down the street staring at your smartphone, not even paying attention to what's going on outside of that screen you're staring down at? We've all done it. Google thinks we should want to stop and it will sell you the device it believes will solve this problem.

Google Glass works by using a Heads Up Display (HUD) and will connect to WiFi for its data or can be tethered to a smartphone. Google believes that interacting with Google Glass at your eye level will give you information in a less intrusive manner than staring down at a screen. You activate Google Glass by saying the phrase "Ok Glass" and proceed to tell it to search, take a picture, record a video, get directions, find a restaurant, and more by speaking out loud or touching a touchpad on the side of the frame of Google Glass. I highly recommend taking a look at the "How It Feels (through Glass)" video Google created below this article; it will really give you a great look at how Google Glass works and give you an idea if you might want to purchase a pair.

Google has confirmed to the Verge that it plans on selling Google Glass to the public before the end of this year and pricing is believed to be somewhere between $500 and $1000. Google will probably also be selling these in its Google retail stores, which will also just happen to open around the same time Google plans on making Google Glass available to the public. Coincidence or convenient?

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