PlayStation 4 (PS4) Pre-Orders & Free PS4 Consoles Start Surfacing Already

23 February 2013, 5:20 pm EST By Alexandra Burlacu email: Mobile & Apps

As Sony has finally confirmed a release date for its next-generation PlayStation console, retailers are already rushing to take pre-orders for the new gadget.

While Sony confirmed a holiday release date, it failed to mention important details such as price, actual release date, or even what the console looks like. Retailers, however, are far from discouraged, and consumers can already pre-order the hot new console.

UK stores such as Game and ShopTo are requiring small deposits to reserve a PlayStation 4 (PS4) console for Christmas, while Amazon UK even  has a dedicated PS4 section where users can sign up for updates on when pre-orders become available.

In the U.S., GameStop is not taking pre-orders for the PS4 yet due to the scarcity of details announced. Instead, the retailer has a PS4 First to Know List for its GameStop PowerUp Rewards members. Users who join this list will "receive title announcements, trade and pre-order details, and similar offers related to the PS4" at any physical store or online on the company's website.

"Customers on the list will be the first to get PS4-related news from GameStop, like when GameStop opens pre-orders on the PS4 system and games," explains the company. "However, joining the list is not a reservation, nor does it guarantee a PS4 on a specific date or at a certain price."

"We are very excited about the upcoming holiday launch of the new Sony PS4," GameStop President Tony Bartel told Forbes. "The new system brings much needed innovation to the video game market. Our consumer base has shown strong early enthusiasm for the PS4 as evidenced by more than 100,000 people who have already signed up for our First to Know List."

KontrolFreek, meanwhile, has a different strategy. The company is the first to offer gamers a chance to win a free PS4 console. The KontrolFreek PS4 Score Sweepstakes guarantees that four winners will own a brand new PS4 this fall by securing a pre-order for the gadget. The console may not be priced or even for sale yet, but this strategy is bound to draw more attention to KontrolFreek's accessories.

Contestants need to "Like" KontrolFreek on Facebook to enter the competition, and recruiting more friends will increase their chances of winning. The PS4 Score competition runs from Feb. 21 through March 15, 2013.

"We are excited about Sony's announcement and the opportunity to give our community of gaming enthusiasts a chance to win the new PS4," touts KontrolFreek CEO Ashish Mistry.

While KontrolFreek is currently the first company to offer gamers a chance to win the PS4 console, others are likely to join the bandwagon soon. Previous offerings, for instance, saw Mountain Dew teaming up with Microsoft to give away a free Xbox 360 every 10 minutes at launch. Big companies usually take advantage of hot launches to lure more customers, especially since new consoles never seem to keep up with the great number of gamers worldwide eager to be among the first to own the shiny new gadget.

With each hot product, however, plenty of scammers make their way to trick people. Scams are bound to happen between now and the launch of both PS4 and the next-generation Xbox, so look out for fishy promises of free consoles.

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