Next Generation Console Discussions: No Such Thing As DDR5

6 March 2013, 3:40 pm EST By Vamien McKalin email: Mobile & Apps

Not too long after Sony announced the PlayStation 4 and that it will come packed with 8GB of super fast GDDR5 RAM, many gamers seem to totally forget a "G" is present and began to call the thing DDR5. Well, there is no such thing as DDR5; it does not yet exist in any shape or form.

Quite a few times I confronted some of these guys who kept calling it DDR5; I acknowledged their mistakes and tried to place them on the correct path. However, it doesn't always work out well.Several times I was called a fool, and they even stated how GDDR5 is the same thing as DDR5 — it's like communicating with a massive brick wall where all outside information simply just bounces off.

Knowing there are many folks out there referring to GDDR5 as DDR5, I choose now to set the record straight. Not everyone is to blame, you know, some people have no idea what is going on, so when they hear someone claim the PlayStation 4 has 8GB of DDR5 memory, they will believe it. Always be careful of the things we say online.

Readers, there are two types of memory, DDR, and GDDR. DDR stands for Double Data Rate, and GDDR stands for Graphics Double Data Rate. Both RAM types were designed for video memory; however, GDDR is better, as it offers a number of improvements over DDR, and it's mainly used with high-end video cards: the ones you might not be able to afford.

Typically, GDDR functions at a lower voltage when compared to DDR memory. This is good, because it addresses heat issues usually associated with video cards, especially the ones that are able to run Crysis 3 on max settings.

Here is something you definitely need to know. There are five types of GDDR specifications, and four types of DDR.

GDDR Specification Types:





GDDR5 (PlayStation 4)

DDR Specification Types:



DDR3 (Next generation Xbox. So far, this s a rumor)

DDR4 (2014 release date)

As you can see, there is no such thing as DDR5. Heck, DDR4 is a year away from being available to the public. If it is not too much to ask, please stop referring to GDDR5 as DDR5. It makes you look bad and it makes the others who follow you look just as bad.

On a side note, you might be wondering which is better for a game console. Personally, I have no idea, as I lack the expertise in this field. However, it does appear as if GDDR5 could be expensive compared to the already commercialized DDR3. We should brace ourselves for a cheaper next generation Xbox compared to the Sony PlayStation 4.

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