Google planning its own Android-based video game console

30 June 2013, 7:09 pm EDT By Vamien McKalin Mobile & Apps

The console wars between Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo is getting more grittier as the days go by, but are these veterans prepared for an onslaught from Google and Android? If not, things will need to change as rumors are circling the Internet that Google is working on a video game console based on its Android operating system, and it could hit store shelves as early as 2013.

The Wall Street Journal believes this console from Google is not designed to compete directly with the Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U, but is instead directed at Apple's own plans for a console. Back at WWDC 2013, Apple announced that iOS 7 that powers the company's iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV devices will have support for third party game controllers. Android already supports third party game controllers, but Google might see this push by Apple as part of a grander scheme, and thus hopes to catch the Cupertino giant off guard.

Furthermore, this video game console from Google won't be the first Android based console to hit the market. There are many others such as the Ouya, which is looking to be a pretty decent device at the super cheap price of $99. If Google does go ahead with plans to release an Android-based console, it would directly compete with these smaller start-ups and could potentially put them out of business.

So, where does the big three in the hardcore video game market fit in all this? Well, if Google is indeed working on a console, we doubt version 1.0 would attempt to compete at the high-end. Google would first want to cement itself with the casual market and Indie developers before it sets its eyes on the grand prize.

If anything, Microsoft was right when the company said Google and Apple are the Xbox One's direct competitors and not Sony.

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