Reddit Secret Santa brought this user a gift from Bill Gates

19 December 2013, 10:51 am EST By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

The Reddit Secret Santa present exchange has brought a very nice surprise to one user, who received a gift from none other than Bill Gates.

Virtually everyone has heard of Bill Gates, the billionaire founder of Microsoft, who is actively involved in numerous charitable causes. Many have also heard of Reddit, "the front face of the Internet," a great community where you can find anything from tech news to hilarious cat pictures and what-not.

Reddit's annual Secret Santa has kicked off as planned, with numerous redditors posting and receiving gifts for Christmas. The Internet has been flooded with Reddit Secret Santa images recently, as recipients showed off the wonderful gifts they received from fellow redditors.

For one girl, redditor NY1227, it seems that the Reddit Secret Santa has brought a great surprise. To her delight, Bill Gates participated in this year's Reddit present exchange and she was the lucky recipient. As she describes it, she didn't have a clue that Bill Gates was behind her gift.

"I thought Bill sounded like a friendly fellow. In fact, I had this whole image of this poor guy named Bill trying to navigate my wishlist full of makeup, nailpolish, glittery things to buy me. Quite frankly I felt bad for this 'Bill' since I'm a self-identified pain in the ass to shop for," explained NY1227. "I finally opened the card and realized that 'Bill' (I use quotes, because like I said, I still didn't realize that it was THE Bill) had donated to charity in my behalf."

The donation in question is to the charity. Other gifts included a stuffed cow, symbolizing the donation Gates made in the girl's name, as well as a travel book "Journeys of a Lifetime," because she had mentioned that she loves to travel. Gates even signed the book and wrote a message.

Lastly, in order to prove that this was not a hoax, the package included a proof photo of Bill Gates with the gifts.

"My god. Never in my entire life did I imagine, ever, ever, ever that Bill will get me. I am SO SO thankful for the time, thought and energy he put into my gift, and especially thankful for him over nighting it :)"

"PS: Sorry for the apple ipad on my wishlist, that was really awkward."

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