Lenovo Refreshes ThinkPad Range, Includes T-Series

15 May 2012, 5:27 pm EDT By Jonathan Charles Mobile & Apps

Lenovo has announced a range of laptops as part of its ThinkPad line. The devices bring a new keyboard, USB 3.0 and Ivy Bridge internals.

The Verge had hands-on time with the new ThinkPads, and described the new keyboard - called the Precision Keyboard - as a "comfortable, accurate typing experience" with optional backlighting. Lenovo also says boot times will be under 30 seconds due to version 3.0 of RapidBoot and BootShield. RapidCharge technology can apparently charge the devices up to 80 percent in half an hour.

One line unveiled is the L series, which includes the RapidCharge technology. The company claims 9.5 hours of battery life is available. The 14-inch ThinkPad L430 and the 15-inch ThinkPad L530 retail from $879.

The ThinkPad T series includes the 14-inch T430 and 430s, and the 15-inch T530. Lenovo says 30 hours of battery is available, along with a 720p camera with face tracking support. The T430s includes a Thunderbolt port with an i7 Ivy Bridge processor, and is the lightest 14-inch ThinkPad laptop. The T430 starts at $879, while the T430s retails from $1,399.

Conversely, the largest laptop in the range is the ThinkPad W530 and weighs just under six pounds according to The Verge. The Web site says the W530 is designed as a "mobile workstation," and has a quad-core Ivy Bridge CPU. Up to 32GB of RAM is supported and a Nvidia Quadro GPU. Prices start from $1,529.

The final models in the lineup are the ThinkPad X230 and X230T, weighing less than three pounds and features a 12.5-inch IPS display. The models also offer 4G connectivity. The X230T is a convertible tablet - the display folds down onto the keyboard and includes a stylus. Prices start at $1,179 and $1,479 for the X230 and X230T respectively.

Lenovo is also offering a USB 3.0 dock, called the ThinkPad Series 3 USB 3.0 dock. It has five USB 3.0 ports.

The Verge also says Lenovo showed off U310 and U410 ultrabooks again, 13.3- and 14-inch devices respectively. The laptops offer a MacBook Pro aluminum unibody design and measure .7 and .83-inch thick designs respectively. Lenovo said prices start at $699 and release May 2012, though it didn't share a specific date.

(reported by Jonathan Charles, edited by Dave Clark)

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