Donald Trump Inauguration: List Of Celebrities Who Will Perform At The Event [Watch Live]

20 January 2017, 5:20 am EST By Hemal Vora Mobile & Apps

Donald Trump inauguration ceremony has arrived, and it now time for the anti-Trump groups to accept the reality. The event has been the center of controversies with speculation of celebrities who will perform live at the Trump inauguration .

Several celebrities had outright denied performing at the Trump inauguration. Trump's team probably had a tough time getting celebrities on board. However, they have managed to finalize a few celebrities to perform live at the Donald Trump inauguration , as reported by Telegraph.

Trump's performer list is nowhere near Obamas'

Unlike the two star-studded inaugurals of Barak Obama, there has been a lot of tension and turndown of offers to perform for the Trump ceremony. This is mainly because a lot of A-list stars are not in favor of Donald Trump being the President of US, as reported by Time.

So, here is a list of stars who will be performing and those who have turned down the offer to perform at the Donald Trump Inauguration Ceremony

The Performers For The Event

The celebrities who will be performing are as follows;

  • Sam Moore, the 81-year-old Singer.
  • The Rockettes dance troupe
  • The Mormon Tabernacle Choir
  • Jackie Evancho, Former "America's Got Talent" contestant
  • Toby Keith, Popular Country Music Singer
  • 3 Doors Down- Band
  • The Frontmen of Country- Tim Rushlow, Lee Greenwood, Larry Stewart, and Richie McDonald.
  • The Piano Guys
  • The Star Spangled Singers
  • The Reagan Years, 80's Cover Band
  • The MIXX, a Party Band that performs cover Acts
  • A Place to Be Trio (Performers with Physical Challenges)
  • Beau Davidson, An Emmy Nominated Country Singer
  • DJ Romin and DJ Freedom

These Celebrities Who Turned Down The Offer

The stars who turned down Trump are as follows;

  • Charlotte Church
  • DJ Moby
  • Rebecca Ferguson
  • Elton John
  • R Kelly and
  • The B-Street cover band

The members of the Rockettes Dance Troupe who are not interested in performing in the event have been given an option to drop off. Similarly, Jan Chamberlin, of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir announced that she would not be performing at the Trump inauguration.

A number of A-list celebrities from the Hollywood have also publicly announced that they will not be attending the Inauguration Ceremony. However, Jon Voight expressed his support for Mr. Trump even in October and had announced that he will surely be there at the ceremony.

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