'Mega Man' Animated Series: Mega Man, Fire Man And Drill Man New Look Draws Flak

23 January 2017, 8:47 pm EST By Jason Glenn Mobile & Apps

As previous reports already claimed, the upcoming American-Japanese animated television series, "Mega Man" will be based on the popular Capcom video gaming series, and will be developed by Man of Action Studios and produced by Dentsu Entertainment USA and DHX Media. However, there might be some differences in the new Disney XD series that confused and even disappointed some fans.

WWG reported that that the "Mega Man" animated series' villains, Fire Man and Drill Man, are both designed and created with a "retro look;" however, the overall look of the characters seemed unpleasant. The report referred it to something that was from a "budget 3DS" game. Mega Man was also described as "childish" that resembled Frankenstein.

During the Long Beach Comic Con 2015, "Mega Man" executive producer Duncan Rouleau gave some details regarding the animated series. Rouleau stated in an interview with The Mega Man Network that the show is a mixture of the game and original source material which include the backstories of some of the characters that included "a few surprises."

"The best thing about Mega Man is his unflinching wide-eyed optimism and an over-the-top sense of humor, This show reflects both qualities," Rouleau said in a statement according to IGN. "We've got it all in there, it's hopeful, forward-leaning, action-packed... it's full on fun ahead."

There is also a big difference to "Mega Man" which is far from the previous take on the character. Surprisingly "Mega Man" now has a sidekick in the animated series named Aki Light.

The new "Mega Man" animated series will be aired on Disney XD to coincide with the 30th anniversary of "Mega Man." Stay tuned for more updates here!

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