How Can Google Home Get The Upper hand Against The Amazon Echo in 2017? Here Are A Few Ways!

12 February 2017, 12:09 am EST By Cris Xander Juliano Mobile & Apps

The Amazon Echo had a two-year head start against its rival Google Home as the former is estimated to have sold close to 10 million units. That may seem impossible for Google to catch up in terms of sales however, cnet has reported ways the company can do to beat Amazon in 2017.

A recent survey by VoiceLabs asked people who neither owned Google Home nor Amazon Echo which they prefer and the results show it was 50-50. That means Amazon's two-year head start didn't give them advantage in terms of preference by the people and they don't see the uniqueness of the Echo over Home.

Google has been a fixture to peoples' lives as the company boasts over one billion Android phone users, one billion Gmail users and as many Google search users. The company can certainly use that to their advantage.

Google also needs to offer more pricing options, such as a competition to Amazon's Echo Dot which costs only $50. According to VoiceLabs, only 11 percent of Home and Echo owners would likely to purchase another device from the other company, which means Echo Dot owners won't likely buy a Google Home that costs $130.

Google needs to improve its integration with Chromecast for a better YouTube experience. Also, creating partnership with major TV manufacturers will make people more interested with the Google Home as they would only need a voice assistant and a TV.

Google Home should also be integrated to Gmail, Google Maps, Google Docs and Google Calendar. Imagine home responding to emails, sending driving routes to your mobile device, accepting email invites for events and checking your calendar.

Do you think the Google Home can get the upper hand against the Amazon Echo in 2017? Write and share your thoughts on the comments section down below.

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