Next-Gen iPad mini To Get Improved Display?

15 December 2012, 10:35 am EST By Sumit Passary Mobile & Apps

iPad mini may have won the hearts of many gadget enthusiasts, but the device has faced criticism for not having a Retina Display like the bigger 9.7-inch version. Now, reports suggest that the next-gen iPad mini will get an improved display.

DigiTimes released a report which indicates that Apple is planning to enhance the display of the next iPad mini. The iPad mini sports a 1024 x 768 pixels resolution, which is lesser than other 7-inch iPads available in the market.

Despite the fact that iPad mini has reduced display resolution and is priced more than other 7-inch tablets, the iPad mini is still able to appeal to customers and is currently one of the most hottest tablet in the market. If iPad mini gets a Retina Display like its bigger brother then the popularity of the tablet will increase even further.

"The sources have yet to specify whether the device will use Apple's Retina Display technology to enhanced resolution, but market observers said it is highly likely based on the development of past Apple products such as the iPhone and 9.7-inch iPad series," reported DigiTimes.

The report from DigiTimes also indicated that the current iPad 4 will also get some tweaks, which will make the tablet slightly light.

"Meanwhile, the sources also said that Apple will restructure the lighting of the next-generation 9.7-inch iPad from two LED light bars to one in order to decrease the device's overall weight," reported DigiTimes.

The iPad mini has an A5 processor, an upgrade to Retina Display will mean that the tablet may also have a powerful processor to support the higher resolution.

It has not even been three months that the iPad mini has made its appearance and rumors have already started to surface about the next-generation of the iPad mini.

Do you own an iPad mini? What improvements would you like to see in the next-generation of the tablet?

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