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Apple's Siri Speaker Release At WWDC 2017? The High-End Speaker Tipped To Take On The Amazon Echo & Google Home [VIDEO]

Looks like Apple is all set to join Amazon, Google, and others in the battle for living AI assistants as reports about Apple's Siri speaker arriving at WWDC surfaces online.

Amazon Echo May 2, 2017

Amazon makes Alexa more expressive with new 'skills,' assistant to be 'more human'

Amazon has announced that they will be implementing a number of new speaking skills for its virtual assistant.

Amazon Echo May 1, 2017

Amazon Unveils its New Alexa-equipped Echo Look Smart Camera

The new Echo Look is a new device that will supposedly be able to "see" and help users take photos and even judge their outfits.

Amazon Echo April 27, 2017

Apple Lagging Behind In Smart-Home Market, Needs Answer To Amazon Echo & The Google Home Device

Tech giant Apple is losing against Amazon and Google's Alphabet on smart-home products.

Amazon Echo March 9, 2017

Amazon’s Alexa Assistant To Get Voice ID Technology

There is a potential to further improve Alexa, Amazon's digital assistant, by providing it with Voice ID technology so it could recognize and remember different voices.

Amazon Echo March 1, 2017

Google Just Added Voice Shopping To Its Google Home Smart Speaker

Google recently added another useful functionality to its Googe Home device, the ability to shop with your voice.

Amazon Echo February 20, 2017

Ever Wondered Why Apple Is Not Challenging Amazon Echo And Google Home? Here’s The Reason Why

Apple is not looking to compete with smart speakers of Amazon and Google.

Amazon Echo February 19, 2017

How Can Google Home Get The Upper hand Against The Amazon Echo in 2017? Here Are A Few Ways!

Here are ways that Google Home can make to beat the Amazon Echo in 2017.

Amazon Echo February 12, 2017

Best Valentine's Day 2017 Gift Ideas For The Tech Lovers: Uber Cool Gadgets To Choose From

These unique gifts are guaranteed to make your techie valentine feel the love.

Amazon Echo February 6, 2017

How Apple's Smart Home Strategy Is Greatly Challenged By Amazon Echo's Widening Lead In Smart Household Market [VIDEO]

Reports suggest that Amazon’s widening lead has threatened Apple’s slow-to-develop system which eventually gives them a tight competition.

Amazon Echo February 2, 2017

Amazon Echo, Dot or Tap: How To Pick Which One Is Right For You

Here’s a quick guide to help you decide on your Amazon Echo, Dot, and Tap dilemma.

Amazon Echo January 18, 2017

Amazon Echo May Dominate Despite Fierce Competition From Google, Microsoft & Apple’s Personal Assistants

Amazon Echo has very tough competition from Google Assistant and Microsoft's intelligent personal assistant Cortana. Even Apple’s Siri is a major threat. Google of course benefits immensely from its search inventory.

Amazon Echo January 18, 2017

Google Home & Amazon Echo Can Talk To Each Other

Give the correct instructions and you will be able to make Google Home and Amazon Alexa talk to each other.

Amazon Echo January 17, 2017

Amazon Echo Tips: How To Fix Two Of Alexa’s Common Problems

What to do in case your Amazon Echo malfunctions.

Amazon Echo January 17, 2017

Important Areas Where Google Home Edges Out Amazon Echo

These are important points where Google Home beats the Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo January 11, 2017

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