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'Pokemon Go' Latest Event News: Grass Event Launched; Things That You Need To Know

The most recent "Pokemon Go" Grass Event has been officially launched by Niantic, The grass type Pokemon for the event have been revealed.

pokemon go news May 7, 2017

'Pokemon Go' Water Festival Event: Shiny Pokemon & Other Updates Have Just Arrived!

Niantic Lab's massive AR game will be releasing shiny creatures to treat loyal fans.

pokemon go news March 23, 2017

'Pokemon Go' Latest Updates: More Eevee Evolution; Special Items Update & More

The latest "Pokemon Go" news includes two additional Eeveelutions, and u[dated list of special items that you can combine to get your desired Pokemon.

pokemon go news March 8, 2017

'Pokemon Go' Latest Update: Pokemon Go Plus Bracelet Up For Grabs On Amazon; How To Hatch Eggs Without Moving [VIDEO]

"Pokemon Go" finally received a long-awaited update adding more than 80 new Pokemon for trainers to get their hands on.

pokemon go news February 21, 2017

'Pokemon Go' Update: Players Waste Great Balls, Ultra Balls & Berries On Togetic To No Effect; Best Way To Get The Coveted Monster Revealed [VIDEO]

The long-awaited "Pokemon Go" update has finally been released, but a new Gen 2 Pocket Monster is causing some serious problem for both Android and Apple players.

pokemon go news February 20, 2017

'Pokemon Go' Special Items: Evolution Items & New Types Of Berries Revealed [VIDEO]; Where Can You Find Them?

The recently rolled out update for "Pokemon Go" brings in an array of awe-inspiring special items, including evolution items, that trainers can use to evolve their favorite Pokemon.

pokemon go news February 18, 2017

'Pokemon GO' News: Biggest Game Update With Gen 2 Pokemon, New Berries & New Powers!

The "Pokemon GO" Gen 2 Release is reportedly the biggest update in the game since its release last year. It is expected to be rolled out by this week with new Pokemon and attack features.

pokemon go news February 17, 2017

'Pokemon Go' Gen 2 Update: A Slew Of Evolutionary Items Are Headed To Niantic Labs' Mobile Sensation; See Detail [VIDEO]

"Pokemon Go" Gen 2 update is expected to boast a slew of evolutionary items including metal coat, sun stone, and dragon scale.

pokemon go news February 17, 2017

'Pokemon Go' Gen 2 Confirmed, Latest Version Hints Shiny & Johto; Here's What We Know

Niantic's "Pokemon Go" announced the new generation of creatures to add to its roster.

pokemon go news February 16, 2017

‘Pokemon Go’ Gen 2 Starts February 16? Niantic Discount Offer On Storage Upgrades Could Hint At Gen 2 Release Date

Pokemon GO Gen 2 could start as early as February 16 PST. Niantic Labs offers 50% discount on storage to help players prepare.

pokemon go news February 16, 2017

Pokemon GO update: Gen 2 Pokemon Are Coming Later This Week

The Gen 2 pocket monsters are coming to 'Pokemon GO' later this week. Niantic confirms the update on a recent report.

pokemon go news February 15, 2017

'Pokemon Go' Update: PVP, Trading Features, Gym Battling System Upgrades Coming Next To Valentine's Day Event

Niantic has recently talked of its plans of future updates for "Pokemon Go" coming next to Valentine's Day event.

pokemon go news February 14, 2017

‘Pokémon Go’ Update: Valentine’s Day Event Confirmed; Pink Pokémon, Candies & More [VIDEO]

Niantic has just announced “Pokémon Go” Valentine’s Day event which offers a lot of sweet treats for its trainers.

pokemon go news February 11, 2017

'Pokemon GO' Latest News & Upcoming Events: Huge Event Coming Everyone's Way With 100+ New Pokemon & Moves!

After the end of the "Pokemon GO" Valentine's Day Event, Niantic is supposedly working on another huge update for an event. The event, as speculated by PoGo Hub, may feature the launch of new Pokemon and attributes.

pokemon go news February 10, 2017

Pokemon Go Plus VS Apple Watch App: Which One Can Really Catch ‘Em All? [VIDEO]

The Pokemon GO Plus accessory may be more readily available for Pokemon GO players, but is it lacking in features? When pitted against the Apple Watch app, which wearable is a better option?

pokemon go news February 8, 2017

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