Pokemon GO Plus

‘Pokemon GO’ Update News: Players Beat Game With New Eevee Evolution Trick

Some players have shared some tips on how to get evolved versions of Eevee without having to stake out its nest.

Pokemon GO Plus February 18, 2017

Pokemon Go Plus VS Apple Watch App: Which One Can Really Catch ‘Em All? [VIDEO]

The Pokemon GO Plus accessory may be more readily available for Pokemon GO players, but is it lacking in features? When pitted against the Apple Watch app, which wearable is a better option?

Pokemon GO Plus February 8, 2017

'Pokemon Go' 1.25.0 / 0.55.0 Hack Now Available to Download; Fixes Crashing Issues With Improved Compatibility & Reliability

“Pokemon Go” hack 1.25.0 / 0.55.0 modified version allows players to walk in the game using a joystick without having to move in the real world.

Pokemon GO Plus February 3, 2017

'Pokemon Go' 0.55.0 Patch Update Now Allows Players To Listen To Music & Podcasts

Niantic is making waves with a new feature that was not available in previous versions of "Pokemon GO."

Pokemon GO Plus January 31, 2017

"Pokemon Go" New Devices to be Launched Soon!

The Pokemon President, Tsunekazu Ishihara, announced that a new Pokemon Go device will be out to the public soon

Pokemon GO Plus January 31, 2017

'Pokemon Go': New Update Live Now; What Nintendo Should Do To Improve The Augmented Reality Game?

A new update for Pokemon Go is out this week that includes new items and badges.

Pokemon GO Plus January 30, 2017

Niantic Is Planning To Release A New 'Pokemon GO' Accesory Similar To Pokemon GO Plus

Niantic is releasing another one similar to the "Pokemon Go Plus."

Pokemon GO Plus January 29, 2017

'Pokemon Go' Update: Players Will Take Years to Reach Level 40; A New Tool Is Now Available to Track How Long You Have

The new tool is available via the "Pokemon Go" Hub that will measure your current level, the days you have played so far and your target level to calculate how long you can reach the max level.

Pokemon GO Plus January 14, 2017

Legendary Moltres, Articuno & Zapdos Might Be In Next Major 'Pokemon Go' Update; Pokemon Go Plus Now Available For Pre-Orders

Niantic is rearing to release new Legendary Pokemon on "Pokemon Go's" next major update. Meanwhile, the elusive and sought after Pokemon Go Plus is now available for pre-orders.

Pokemon GO Plus January 13, 2017

'Pokemon Go' Could Help You Live Longer, According To US Study

Here's a positive "Pokemon Go" update -- the game is now making Americans exercise more.

Pokemon GO Plus January 12, 2017

‘Pokemon GO’ Updates, Gameplay Changes & Features Everyone Wants To See In 2017

The Gen 2 Pokemon update is Niantic’s ultimate weapon for 2017 to bring back lost players and to get them hooked once again. A massive update introducing all the 100 Gen 2 Pokemon is anticipated.

Pokemon GO Plus January 8, 2017

Apple Watch vs Pokemon GO Plus: Both Make Gameplay Better Though One Is Clearly At An Advantage

Both the “Pokemon GO” Plus and the app for Apple Watch have their share of advantages. However, those not owning the Watch may remain with the Plus.

Pokemon GO Plus December 26, 2016

Pokemon Go Plus Announcements Make Christmas Event Much More Awaited

Pokemon Go Plus accessory aids users in playing Pokemon Go safely. On the other hand, players are excited with the upcoming Christmas event of Niantic.

Pokemon GO Plus December 23, 2016

'Pokémon Go' News: Players Disappointed With Latest Update; Pokémon Go Plus Not Available For Pre-Orders [VIDEO]

Niantic had players on edge with a big announcement that promised new Pokémon into Pokémon Go. But so far, fans are disappointed with the game's latest update --- including the latest news about the Pokémon Go Plus.

Pokemon GO Plus December 14, 2016

Will Apple Watch Change The Way 'Pokémon GO' Is Played? Why The Smartwatch Version Is Better Than 'Pokémon GO' Plus

The augmented reality mobile game "Pokémon GO" will be making its way to the Apple Watch later this year, but how would it actually work? Let's take a look at all the details revealed so far.

Pokemon GO Plus September 8, 2016

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