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All The Xbox One Backward Compatible Games For The Month Of February

Nine new games are added in the Xbox One Backward Compatible games' list this February. The Xbox One Backwards compatibility project now has over 300 games on its list.

Xbox One Games February 27, 2017

Horror Game 'Dead By Daylight' For PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Will Be Digitally Released

Action survival horror game 'Dead by Daylight' will be released for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in digital copies later this year.

Xbox One Games February 5, 2017

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Update: Two New Xbox 360 Games Confirmed By Microsoft [VIDEO]

XBOX ONE Backwards Compatibility has two new Xbox 360 games to play from Microsoft.

Xbox One Games January 27, 2017

Microsoft Xbox One Lacks Exclusive Games in 2017; Are 'Gears of War,' 'Halo' & 'Forza Horizon' Enough

"Gears of War," "Halo" and "Forza Horizon" - these are all that Microsoft Xbox One can offer from their list of exclusive games and no more.

Xbox One Games January 14, 2017

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