Galaxy S4 Iron Man Beam Case
Samsung Galaxy S4 Gets MARVEL Iron Man Beam Case; Protect Your Device For $39
Apr 29, 2013 02:02 PM EDT
Iron Man Beam case for Samsung Galaxy S4 has NFC compatibility and you can see glowing eyes and arc reactor when a card is brought near the smartphone. Read More
Skullcandy Slyr Gaming Headset
Top 5 Gaming Headsets Under $100 (REVIEW)
Apr 26, 2013 12:09 PM EDT
Gaming isn't cheap, but no need to waste money on expensive headsets Read More
LG Electronics
LG Reportedly Working On A Smart Watch Device And Google Glass Competitor
Mar 24, 2013 11:17 AM EDT
As wearable computing takes shape, LG is slowly making sure it is among the first to have products on the market. Read More
Nexus 7 Docking Station Finally Hits Google Play And It's Already Sold Out
Nexus 7 Docking Station Finally Hits Google Play And It's Already Sold Out
Mar 08, 2013 09:48 AM EST
The Nexus 7 docking station finally arrived on Google Play with a $29.99 price tag, only to go out of stock in no time. Read More
Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt
Google Not Planning On Retail Stores Any Time Soon
Feb 27, 2013 07:47 AM EST
Google will not introduce physical retail stores. Read More
Snap On Case For Samsung Galaxy S4
Is This Really The Samsung Galaxy S4 Snap On Case?
Feb 21, 2013 01:54 PM EST
The Samsung Galaxy S4 hasn't even been announced yet but that doesn't stop accessory makers in creating accessories for an unannounced devices. Sometimes they are spot on and reveal what the device is expected to look like based on their case, and other times it's a ploy to generate traffic and sales. Read More
HTC One Official Accessories
HTC One Official Accessories: All You Need To Know
Feb 20, 2013 08:17 AM EST
There are a host of accessories to choose from for HTC One. Read More
RHA MA-350 noise isolating earphones
RHA MA-350 Noise Isolating Aluminum Earphones (Review)
Feb 19, 2013 12:56 PM EST
MA-350 noise isolating aluminum earphones from UK-based RHA (Reid and Heath Acoustics) has been in the U.S. market for quite a while and recently we got to try it out and decide whether it's got enough pizzazz to take on the competition. Read More
Lightning To USB Cable 0.5m
Apple Quietly Launches Shorter Lightning Cable, Redesigned Earbuds
Feb 15, 2013 09:21 AM EST
Apple extends its iOS accessories lineup with a shorter Lightning to USB cable half the size of the standard Lightning cable and a slightly tweaked headphone design. Read More
Nexus 4 Wireless Charger
Nexus 4 Wireless Charger Available In Google Play Store $59.99
Feb 11, 2013 05:49 PM EST
For all the Nexus 4 owners out there who have been waiting to charge their smartphones on the Nexus 4 Wireless charger, the Google Play Store has them in stock for $59.99. Read More
Nexus 7 Docking Station
Nexus 7 Docking Station Now Available For $39.99
Feb 07, 2013 12:13 PM EST
The Nexus 7 docking station made its first appearance before Christmas last year and reports indicated that the accessory will be available from January 2013. Now, per reports, Canadian online retailer Visions Electronics is selling the dock for $39.99. Read More
Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Verizon Galaxy Nexus Accessories Available At Discounted Prices In Verizon Stores
Feb 03, 2013 10:39 PM EST
Verizon is looking to get rid of remaining stock of Galaxy Nexus accessories ever since it decided to officially put the Galaxy Nexus out to pasture. So, if you're still in love with your Galaxy Nexus, now is a good time to get some accessories at discounted prices from Verizon. Read More
Power Jacket Extended Battery Case For Lumia 920
Power Jacket: Nokia Lumia 920 Extended Battery Case With 2,200mAh Capacity And Kickstand
Jan 31, 2013 02:49 PM EST
As smartphones are used more and more as an infotainment device, many users complain how quickly the battery of their handsets drains. If you own a Nokia Lumia 920, you can now easily double the usage of your smartphone with the Pocket Jacket extended battery case for Lumia 920, which adds an additional 2200mAh battery capacity to the phone. Read More
Neptune Pine Smartwatch
Neptune Pine: This Smartwatch Makes All Others Look Dumb
Jan 29, 2013 12:07 PM EST
A Montreal company is looking to profit off the growing popularity of smartwatches by creating a full featured smartwatch that makes all others look dumb. Read More
HTC Mini
HTC Mini Makes Taking Calls On Big Phablets Less Embarrassing
Jan 26, 2013 06:10 PM EST
Do you feel like your smartphone might be too big to hold up to your face to speak on? Holding a 5-inch-plus device to make calls the normal way is looking to be a problem for some consumers. But fret not. HTC has got you covered with their smaller phone smartphone accessory. Read More
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