Apple iOS 10.3 Secret Keyboards For Upcoming iPad? Gesture-Based Similar To Google & Floating Keyboard

When Apple iOS 10.2.1 made the existing bugs worse and introduced new ones, a lot of pressure was handed over to its successor, iOS 10.3.

APPS Thu Feb 16 2017

5 Apps For Entrepreneurs To Boost Sales & Keep Track On Things This 2017

These 5 apps for entrepreneurs will help them boost sales or assist them in their business in 2017. A great partner in business as some would say.

APPS Thu Feb 16 2017

3 'Google Project Tango' Android Games That Use Augmented Reality For Extra Fun & Immersion

3 games are suitable for Google's Project Tango that will provide an augmented reality feature for more immersion and fun experience.

APPS Tue Feb 14 2017

'Lords of the Fallen' Battle Systems Gameplay Review [Video]; a Remake or a Spin-Off of the Main Game?

CI Games launched its Action Role-Playing Game (ARPG) “Lords of the Fallen” on Thursday, February 9. The game is made available to download on Google Play for Android.

APPS Tue Feb 14 2017

Dating App Called 'Hotline' Requires Phone Call: Better Than 'Tinder' & 'Bumble?'

New dating app named "Hotline" requires a phone call to chat with strangers and communicate efficiently. This app might be better than "Bumble" and "Tinder."

APPS Tue Feb 14 2017

Glitch In Uber App Ends A Frenchman's Marriage After His Wife Traced His Affair; Sues Uber For $47 Million

An unnamed French is suing Uber after a glitch in the app made his wife track his car-hailing escapades, making his wife conclude that he is into illicit affair and ultimately lead to a divorce.

APPS Mon Feb 13 2017

Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter & Other Apps Significant Updates For Security & Quick Information On Communication

Numerous social apps were updated for security purposes online. However, some things are still left behind, including Twitters replies.

APPS Mon Feb 13 2017

5 Valentine’s Day Apps For Android That Will Surely Make Your Special Someone Happy

These 5 apps for Android is the perfect solution for those romantic people who want to make the event successful for their special someone.

APPS Mon Feb 13 2017

Pokémon Go Valentine’s Day Event: Niantic Hopes to Lure Players to Become a Couple

Pokémon Go is celebrating Valentine’s Day with its latest in-game event. The special Valentine’s Day event runs from 11 a.m. PST February, 8 until 11 a.m. PST February 15.

APPS Fri Feb 10 2017

Google Maps Get a New Update; Easier to Find Places, Best Application for Commuter

Google began to update their android version of Google Map application. The new update will help users to find their destination faster whether they’re on foot, by car or public transportation.

APPS Thu Feb 09 2017

Secure Android Internet Experience With VPN; Hide IP Adress Even In Public Wi-Fi With TunnelBear & Opera VPN

Virtual Private Network or simply VPN is a little-known feature in Android that allows secure connection.

APPS Wed Feb 08 2017

Instagram Tests Update 10.7.0 To Combine Photos In Slideshow Snaps; Upload Up To 10 Photos In Single Post

A feature that allows multiple photos in single post is expected out of the next rollout for iOS and Android versions of Instagram.

APPS Wed Feb 08 2017

Google Play Store Newest Update: New Sorting Method & Separate Update Tabs

Google has been experimenting with the Google Play layout to make it easier finding installed apps on the device. Through its latest update, Google has created a complete revamp of My Apps screen.

APPS Wed Feb 08 2017

‘Clash of Clans’ Healing Spell Event News &Updates: Witch Training Cost will be Decreased; How to Earn More Experiences & Free Gems

Supercell has released a new update for its game “Clash of Clan.” The latest version will bring in an event named, “The Healing Spell.”

APPS Tue Feb 07 2017

WhatsApp Beta Allegedly Allows Edit, Revoke of Sent Text Message; Also Features Live Location Tracker

Auto corrector in text messages sometimes results to embarrassment or accidentally sending steamy insinuations to your officemate instead of your wife - WhatsApp knows the awkward scenarios about text messaging.

APPS Tue Feb 07 2017

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