iPhone 6 to boast new temperature, pressure and humidity sensors?

17 March 2014, 6:56 am EDT By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

The iPhone 6 is expected to debut later this year with some major improvements over its predecessor, and new information now points towards an array of new sensors.

Apple is expected to unleash its 2014 flagship smartphone, the iPhone 6, in September, alongside the much-rumored iWatch and the upcoming iOS 8. The iPhone 6 is definitely among the most highly-anticipated devices of this year, especially since it is widely expected to finally boast a larger display.

Apple has so far released iPhones with smaller displays compared to rivals' offerings, with 4 inches being the largest size yet for an iPhone screen. With the iPhone 6, however, the company will reportedly take the step towards more screen real estate, bumping up the display size from 4 to 4.7 inches.

Some rumors have also indicated that Apple may launch its new iPhone 6 with an even more "resolutionary" Ultra Retina display, which would purportedly pack a considerably higher resolution than the current Retina display found on the iPhone 5S.

Nothing is confirmed at this point, but that has never stopped the rumor mill from coming up with new theories and insights. The latest iPhone 6-related gossip claims that Apple's next-generation flagship smartphone will come with more sensors, including for temperature, pressure, and humidity. The news comes out of China, via GforGames.

"According to Sun Chang Xu (news chief analyst at ESM-China), sources close to the matter have revealed that Apple will catch up in the 'sensors department,' as the iPhone 6 will feature pressure, temperature and humidity sensors," GforGames reports, citing a post on Weibo. "Please note that the analyst is probably not referring to blood pressure (this feature is rumored to be implemented in Apple's iWatch) but to atmospheric pressure."

Aside from the bigger screen and the new sensors, the next-generation iPhone is also rumored to come with an updated camera sensor, albeit the camera may still be an 8-megapixel shooter. The iPhone 6 is also expected sport some neat new features compared to the iPhone 5S.

It remains unclear at this point whether Apple will launch its iPhone 6 with a complete redesign or it will build on the design cues of the iPhone 5S, but pack a larger screen. Keep in mind that it's all in the rumor state for now, so it is highly advisable to take everything with a big grain of salt.

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