iMac 2017 Release Date May Come With 5K Display And VR; Intel Xeon To Replace Kaby Lake Processors

iMac fans are to be sure sitting tight for the new update over its past model. Many reports on the web show that the iMac 2017 is set to be launched in the following Apple event of 2017.

Apple December 4, 2016

iPad Pro 2 To Feature A Bezel-Less Design Along With A10X Processor On 2017 Release?

Rumors set out by a Taiwan's supply chain has surfaced, saying that Apple will launch a 10-inch variation of iPad Pro in 2017.

Apple November 29, 2016

Google Pixel C vs iPad Pro Review: Is The Apple Device The Best Buy Option For You?

The Google Pixel C and the Apple iPad Pro have certain outstanding specs like IPS display, Retina panel, huge battery, enhanced storage capacity, and much more. Below we have pitted both the gadgets against each other in order to help you choose the best buy option.

Apple November 29, 2016

Apple Watch Sport vs Apple Watch Nike+ Review: Which Fitness Wearable Can Keep Up With Your Lifestyle?

Since there were many smartwatches designed for exercising, people can't help but compare the new Apple Watch Nike+ to the Apple Watch Sport.

Apple November 28, 2016

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S vs Apple iPad Pro vs Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet Review: Which Tablet Will You Choose?

Three of the tablets reportedly are the best among all tablets are the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S, Apple iPad Pro, and Sony Xperia Z4. If these are the leading tablets, then which is the best among the best?

Apple November 27, 2016

Apple iPhone 7 vs Motorola Moto M Review: A Lower Battery For Double The Price

Talking about the price of these two smartphones, the Apple iPhone 7 is valued at a higher price - $749 USD. The Moto M costs $295 which is way cheaper than its competitor.

Apple November 24, 2016

Microsoft Surface Book i7 vs MacBook Pro 2016 Review: Which Laptop Shines The Brightest?

The new MacBook Pro is lighter and more slender than past models. It comes with an all-metal body, and keeps a basic, but upscale look, and has a much bigger touchpad.

Apple November 22, 2016

iMac 2017 Likely To Include Kaby Lake Processor In Release; Is It Enough To Beat Microsoft Surface?

Not much was said on the Apple iMac at the October 27 launche event. However, rumors are rife that it may make a comeback with the Kaby Lake processor.

Apple November 17, 2016

iPhone 8 Set To Release On September 2017? New Apple Device To Feature Three Variants With Glass Chassis and A11 Fusion Chipset

Following the release of iPhone 7, there were rumors and speculations circulating on the internet that the Apple will introduce a new flagship smartphone on 2017 as it celebrates iPhone’s 10th anniversary. However, the company is expected to leave out the ‘S’ generation and call its anniversary model iPhone 8.

Apple November 12, 2016

iPad Mini 5 Release Date Set Early Next Year With No Headphone Jack?

Apple's move to create wire-free gadgets has garnered mixed emotions. Losing the 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone 7 series is reportedly the head start of this wireless innovation. Having said that, will the iPad Mini 5 be released with the same pattern as well?

Apple November 12, 2016

Apple Smartwatch 2 vs Asus ZenWatch 3 Review: Wireless vs Fast Charging, More Comparison

This season, smartwatch users have something new to look forward to; this includes purchasing the Apple SmartWatch 2 and Asus ZenWatch 3.

Apple November 10, 2016

Apple iMac 2017 Latest News: Rumors of Touch Bar Feature, Pricing & Specs

The Apple iMac wasn’t able to make an appearance at Apple’s October 27 event, despite speculations. With unconfirmed reports of the inclusion of Intel’s upcoming Kaby Lake CPU into its models, delays are certainly to be expected, along with rumors of new features.

Apple November 9, 2016

Apple Watch 3 2017 Release Date To Feature A Camera? Not Much Change In Design, Display Expected

Apple has presented the Watch Series 2. The new smartwatch highlights a faster S2 processor with GPS and a waterproof body. Only less than a month after its release, the next Watch Series 3 is relied upon to be launched in September 2017. Here are some of its speculated features.

Apple November 8, 2016

MacBook Pro 2016 Review: Do The New Features, Specs, More Adapters Justify The Price?

Apple announced the new line of MacBook Pro laptops in a press conference on October 27th. A number of new innovations have been introduced in the 2016 MacBook Pro, but these changes might surprise a lot of users, avid Mac fans or not.

Apple November 6, 2016

MacBook Pro 2016 vs Microsoft Surface Book 2 Review: Which Is The Current Best Buy Option?

Our comparison report of the Apple MacBook Pro 2016 and the Microsoft Surface Book 2 has highlighted the excellent features of the two devices. Below we have pitted the two laptops from the technology giants mainly in terms of their specs to reveal the real laptop winner.

Apple November 3, 2016

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