Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro ad trashes Apple’s iPad, Microsoft’s Surface and Amazon’s Kindle (VIDEO)

20 March 2014, 8:08 am EDT By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

Samsung has once again resorted to negative advertising in its latest Galaxy Tab Pro commercial, slamming Apple's iPad, Microsoft's Surface and Amazon's Kindle tablets.

Titled "Galaxy Tab Pro Series - It Can Do That," Samsung's latest ad highlights the strengths of its Tab Pro lineup by casting a poor light on some of its competitors in the tablet market. In other words, all the ad really does is talk down other tablets.

While an ad in which Samsung trashes some competing product is not a big surprise, this time the company has taken it a step further and decided to take on three rivals at once instead of focusing all of its wrath on just one competitor.

The ad starts by slamming the iPad, mocking the fact that Apple's tablet cannot do two things at once. Of course, Samsung shows the Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2's split-screen multitasking mode to illustrate its superiority in this department. The iPad owner looks actually stunned that the Galaxy Tab Pro can do two things at once. Samsung further mocks the iPad's "subpar" display later in the ad, showing another iPad user telling her friend "So your Samsung looks better than my iPad because it's got more pixels." Although a bit dissapointed, she takes comfort in the fact that the iPad has "the Retina thingy."

When it comes to Microsoft's Surface tablet, the ad shows a man using a Windows 8 tablet, while his friends don't seem to understand his choice. One friend asks him to "move his laptop a little bit," and the guy shyly replies that his device is in fact a tablet. His friends further ridicule his tablet by pointing out that the Surface has an attached battery dock, keyboard, and mouse.

Lastly, Amazon's Kindle tablet is next in line to be ridiculed. The ad takes on the Kindle by mocking its inability to look things up in a YouTube app, or do other stuff. When someone asks the tablet owner what the Kindle can actually do, all the owner can reply is "books."

Samsung's latest Galaxy Tab Pro line aims to cater to the higher-end of the tablet market, offering top-notch specs and functionality. This ironic comparison may not be very fair, but Samsung doesn't miss an opportunity to trash its competitors to put its own products in a better light. Check out the video below to see Samsung's latest Galaxy Tab Pro ad.

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