Twitter adds photo tagging, multi-image upload to iPhone and Android apps

27 March 2014, 9:25 am EDT By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

Twitter has updated its iOS and Android apps to add Facebook-like photo tagging and the ability to post multiple photos in a single tweet.

With the latest version of Twitter, users will now be able to tag up to 10 people in a single image, and the tagged names will not eat into the 140-character limit.

"Tagging people in a picture makes conversations around photos fun and easy," Twitter engineer Cesar Puerta touted in a blog post on Wednesday, March 26. "And tagging doesn't affect character count in the Tweet - you can tag up to 10 people in a photo and still have all 140 characters at your disposal, making it easier to connect with your friends. If you're the one being tagged, you'll get a notification."

The other addition, meanwhile, not allows users to post up to four photos in a single tweet. Twitter will automatically turn those photos into a collage, but tapping on a preview will let users see the full image and easily slide through the group.

This new ability to post multiple photos will roll out to the iPhone version of the app first, but it will also hit the Android app, as well as the browser version of the service. Twitter didn't give an exact date for when this feature will become available on Twitter for Android or, but said that it is "coming soon."

With the latest updates, Twitter is becoming more competitive against Facebook, which has long been offering the ability to tag friends and post multiple photos at once. Both Facebook and Twitter are widely popular worldwide, and numerous users enjoy socializing on both apps.

Both social networks are constantly working on improving their services, and Twitter's latest updates bring features that users have long been waiting for. The service further points out that both photo tagging and Tweets with multiple photos will also appear in Embedded Tweets to further improve the experience.

To get the latest features, you can find the latest iPhone app here, and the new Twitter for Android at this link. If you have already installed the latest version on your iPhone or Android device, drop by our comment section below and let us know how it all works out.

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