Ever Wondered Why Apple Is Not Challenging Amazon Echo And Google Home? Here’s The Reason Why

Apple is not looking to compete with smart speakers of Amazon and Google.


New Sets Of Features Are Presented For Google Android Wear 2.0: Direct Download From Google Play & Call Notifier

Google Android Wear 2.0 presents new features that are more convenient for use such as the direct download of apps on the watch rather than doing it on an Android smartphone.

google February 17, 2017

Android Version 8.0: What Will Be The Name Of The New Android OS?

The name "Android 8.0 Oreo" could possibly be the new Android 8 update name.

google February 16, 2017

Google Cars Paid Employees Millions To Keep Them, But Left Instead After Feeling Too Rich To Work

Google paid its autonomous car experts so much money to the point that some of them resigned after becoming instant multi-millionaires.

google February 15, 2017

Google Pixel 2 Release Date, News and Update: Upcoming Flagship Smartphone Could Come with a VR Headset; Autumn 2017 Launching Expected

Speculations are rife that Google Pixel 2 might come out with a VR headset.

google February 15, 2017

3 'Google Project Tango' Android Games That Use Augmented Reality For Extra Fun & Immersion

3 games are suitable for Google's Project Tango that will provide an augmented reality feature for more immersion and fun experience.

google February 14, 2017

Google Is Going To Purge Millions Of Apps From Play Store Due To Privacy & Security Issues: How To Detect 'Zombie' Apps

Lesson 101: it is prudent to do in-depth scrutiny of reviews before downloading any app from Google Play Store because the service is apparently teeming with data-stealers masquerading as legit apps.

google February 12, 2017

Google Chrome Update 2017: Security Upgrade is Vital; Why You Need to Get Latest Browser Version

A new version of Google Chrome is out and users are urged to upgrade to avoid viruses from affecting their system.

google February 12, 2017

YouTube Follows Facebook Live & Twitter Periscope Into The Live Streaming Venture; Google Lets Content Creators Earn Money Off Their Broadcast

YouTube is entering the live streaming trend to tackle Facebook Live and Twitter Periscope.

google February 10, 2017

Google Maps Get a New Update; Easier to Find Places, Best Application for Commuter

Google began to update their android version of Google Map application. The new update will help users to find their destination faster whether they’re on foot, by car or public transportation.

google February 9, 2017

Google Brain Super Resolution Tech Could Become The Greatest Help In Forensics And Surveillance

Google Brain created a new software that would turn pixelated images into detailed ones with a special process of two networks.

google February 8, 2017

Google Play Store Newest Update: New Sorting Method & Separate Update Tabs

Google has been experimenting with the Google Play layout to make it easier finding installed apps on the device. Through its latest update, Google has created a complete revamp of My Apps screen.

google February 8, 2017

Nexus 5X and 6P News and Updates: Nexus Handsets Getting Google Assistant After Pixel and Pixel XL

Google Assistant is rolling out soon for the Google Nexus 5X and 6P devices.

google February 7, 2017

Facebook And Google Partnered With Major News Organizations To Battle Fake News

Facebook and Google will try to battle fake news by partnering with major news organizations.

google February 7, 2017

Apple, Google, Microsoft And Intel Among The 97 Tech Firms Against President Trump’s Executive Order Barring Immigrants From Seven Countries

97 tech companies has filed a letter in court to express their disapproval of President Trump's executive order barring immigrants to enter the US from seven countries.

google February 7, 2017

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