Google Nexus 7 2017, Google Pixel 2 Release Date, Specs & Rumor Roundup [VIDEO]; Search Giant's Next Tablet To Be VR-Ready?

Google is reportedly gearing up to launch a brand new tablet dubbed, Google Nexus 7. Although Google has neither confirmed nor denied these rumors, the internet is brimming with all sorts of theories about the new tablet's specs and features.

google March 2, 2017

Google Pixel Review, Specs and Features Update 2017: Smartphone Sports Powerful Camera; What We Know So Far

The cameras of the Google Pixel are said to be among the highly rated smartphone shooters in the market and the company is also set to introduce more improvements soon.

google February 27, 2017

Google Chrome Faces Sophisticated New Malware; Targets WordPress & Language Pack

Hackers are getting more and more sophisticated in gathering personal and sensitive information and Google is under attack.

google February 26, 2017

Google Nexus 6P Android Phone: Better Choice Than Pixel XL?

Google Nexus 6P still available with good specs, but with cheaper price.

google February 23, 2017

Google Pixel XL Vs HTC U Ultra: The Google Phone And Its Maker

Comparisons between the Google Pixel Xl and HTC U Ultra.

google February 23, 2017

Google’s Project Zero Drops Another Bomb to Microsoft, Revealing the Windows Security Patch Bugs to Public Considered as a Smart Move?

Google’s Project Zero has exposed a vulnerability found in Windows 10, as Microsoft failed to release a patch in time. The vulnerability in question is in the gdi32.dll file that is used by a significant amount of programs.

google February 23, 2017

YouTube Plans To Remove 30-Second Unskippable Advertisements On 2018 Replacing New Format

YouTube plans to end advertisements that last for 30 seconds and will be replacing a format that is suitable for both audience and advertisers on 2018.

google February 23, 2017

Google Docs Hidden Feature: Compatibility Mode To Create Microsoft Office-Friendly Documents

Google Docs on mobile devices is hiding a significant feature that might change the way users view the compatibility features for Microsoft Office format.

google February 22, 2017

Google's Latest Aritificial Intelligence Project Responds To Piano Accompaniment In A.I. Duet

"A.I. Duet" is an experiment from Yotam Mann and his friends using the Google's Magenta and Creative Labs team to make an artificial intelligence that responds to music.

google February 22, 2017

Google Rounds Up Feedbacks For Pixel & Pixel XL; Plans The Design & Features For Next Smartphone

Google starts rounding up what users thought of Pixel and Pixel XL, in hopes of gathering enough feedback on what can be improved for its next iteration.

google February 20, 2017

Google Just Added Voice Shopping To Its Google Home Smart Speaker

Google recently added another useful functionality to its Googe Home device, the ability to shop with your voice.

google February 20, 2017

Ever Wondered Why Apple Is Not Challenging Amazon Echo And Google Home? Here’s The Reason Why

Apple is not looking to compete with smart speakers of Amazon and Google.

google February 19, 2017

New Sets Of Features Are Presented For Google Android Wear 2.0: Direct Download From Google Play & Call Notifier

Google Android Wear 2.0 presents new features that are more convenient for use such as the direct download of apps on the watch rather than doing it on an Android smartphone.

google February 17, 2017

Android Version 8.0: What Will Be The Name Of The New Android OS?

The name "Android 8.0 Oreo" could possibly be the new Android 8 update name.

google February 16, 2017

Google Cars Paid Employees Millions To Keep Them, But Left Instead After Feeling Too Rich To Work

Google paid its autonomous car experts so much money to the point that some of them resigned after becoming instant multi-millionaires.

google February 15, 2017

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