Steve Ballmer Launches New Tool That Accounts US Government Spending

This Tax Day, Balmer started, its a website that gives North America's plain Janes and ordinary Joe's a big picture of where their tax money ends up.

Security Wed Apr 19 2017

Sony Xperia X Concept Units To Get Android 7.1.2 Nougat This Week

Owners of the Xperia X smartphone that's part of Sony's Concept for Android program is in for good news.

Security Tue Apr 18 2017

Leaked NSA Spying Tools Puts Windows Server At Risk

A mysterious hacking group recently leaked what seems to be NSA's suspected spying tools.

Security Sun Apr 16 2017

Oops, The FCC Is Reversing The Proposal To Allow Passengers To Use Cellphones During US Flights

The FCC is withdrawing a proposal that would allow air travelers to use their phones during a flight

Security Thu Apr 13 2017

Microsoft to End Support for Windows Vista Starting Today

Microsoft will no longer be proving any technical support should there be any more problems with the old operating system.

Security Wed Apr 12 2017

Android & iOS devices Can Be Breached By Malicious Wi-Fi Networks According To Reports

Recently, a Google security researcher revealed a flaw that affects today's operating systems.

Security Sun Apr 09 2017

Facebook Implements New Measures Against Revenge Porn

Facebook (FB) has a new tool to curb the proliferation of revenge porn in its social media platform.

Security Thu Apr 06 2017

An ADB Glitch Is Preventing Users From Flashing Android 7.1.2 To Pixel And Nexus Devices

An Android Debug Bridge (ADB) glitch is causing the tool to crash when flashing larger files.

Security Wed Apr 05 2017

Apple Rolls Out Minor iOS 10.3.1 Update, Compatibility Issue and Bug Fixes Included

Apple stated in the accompanying release notes that the update contained several bug fixes and slight improvements to the security of iPhones and iPads.

Security Tue Apr 04 2017

Man Sleeping With Charging iPhone Almost Dies After Freak Accident Involving His Charger

Here is another reason why sleeping with your charging phone is a bad idea.

Security Mon Apr 03 2017

Apple’s iOS 10.3 Update is Biggest Rollout for the Company Due to Massive Transition to APFS File System

The update marks Apple’s official transition from its 30-year old HFS+ file system to their more modern Apple File System (APFS) format.

Security Thu Mar 30 2017

Apple Took a Big Risk with the iOS 10.3 Update, Here's Why [VIDEO]

Users probably didn't notice any big changes to their devices after they updated, and that is exactly how Apple apparently wanted it to go down.

Security Wed Mar 29 2017

Apple Awarded New Patent for Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor, Likely Feature in Upcoming iPhone 8

The sensor is able to read a user's fingerprint by sending out a sound wave pulse and then reading back its reflection.

Security Wed Mar 29 2017

Microsoft Sued For Millions Over 'Negligent' Windows 10 Upgrade

Several individuals are taking Microsoft to court due to a Windows 10 upgrade.

Security Tue Mar 28 2017

Reason for Sudden US and UK Carry-on Electronics Ban on Flights Explained

New reports are revealing that an alleged plot to bring a bomb inside an airplane using an Apple iPad may have prompted the restriction.

Security Tue Mar 28 2017

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