The Latest On Google: The Play Store Has A New Free App Of The Week Section

Google has added a new section to the Play store for promoting a free application every week.

Security Mon Mar 27 2017

Inside Vault 7: A Look At The CIA's Hacking Tools Published by Wikileaks

Recently WikiLeaks shared a few documents coming from the CIA to show how extensive their hacking tools were.

Security Fri Mar 24 2017

CIA Apple MacBook Air Hacking Tool Exposed in Latest WikiLeak Document [VIDEO]

The CIA apparently used a tool to access a target user's email communication data, browsing history, YouTube cache, and other relevant information sent over the internet.

Security Fri Mar 24 2017

Apple Has Acquired Workflow: A Powerful All in One Automation Tool For The iOS Platform

Apple is finalizing a deal to acquire Workflow, a tool that lets users hook together apps.

Security Thu Mar 23 2017

Apple Responds to Hacker's Threat of Wiping Millions of iPhone Data, Password Change Advised Before April 7 Deadline

The hackers allegedly hold over 559 million Apple emails and iCloud accounts.

Security Thu Mar 23 2017

Several U.S. Brands Pull Google Ads Over Extremism Row: AT&T Stated That Their Ads Keep Appearing Beside Extremist YouTube Content

In a bizarre turn of events, several U.S. advertisers are pulling out millions of dollars from Google over an extremist row.

Security Thu Mar 23 2017

U.K. Man Is Accidentally Electrocuted While Charging His iPhone

A man was reportedly electrocuted to his death in a freak accident involving the iPhone.

Security Wed Mar 22 2017

Microsoft to Stop Supporting Windows Vista, 7 and 8.1, Users Forced to Update to Windows 10

Microsoft is apparently now planning to block all updates for Windows 7 and Windows 8 for the newer generation CPUs.

Security Mon Mar 20 2017

The EU Is Warning Social Media Giants Regarding Scams: Facebook, Twitter & Google Must Remove Them Or Risk Legal Action

The EU is demanding social media companies to remove scams appearing on their websites.

Security Sun Mar 19 2017

Russian Agents, Hackers Charged In Massive Yahoo Breach: Security Experts Weigh In The Indictment

The United States of America has recently indicted four individuals for cyber-related crimes.

Security Thu Mar 16 2017

Android March Security Update Disables 'Pokémon Go' GPS Spoofing Hacks

The recently released Android March Security Update essentially disables all of the "Pokémon Go" GPS hacks within Android Nougat.

Security Wed Mar 15 2017

Android Smartphones Latest News: Check Point Reports 38 Latest Android Devices Released Infected With Preloaded Malware & Ransomware

There were many new Android devices released recently that were found to be already infected at launch.

Security Wed Mar 15 2017

Nintendo Switch 'Jailbreak' Exploit Uncovered, Root Access Found in Hidden WebKit Browser

Luca Todesco managed to get root access to the console's systems by employing the same technique he had used on iOS 9 devices.

Security Wed Mar 15 2017

Apple Lagging Behind In Smart-Home Market, Needs Answer To Amazon Echo & The Google Home Device

Tech giant Apple is losing against Amazon and Google's Alphabet on smart-home products.

Security Thu Mar 09 2017

‘League of Legends’ Lawsuit Update: Riot Games Wins $10 Million Settlement Against Bot, Script, and Cheats Provider

Riot Games, has now achieved a milestone in its efforts to thwart cheating within the game by winning a rather substantial settlement.

Security Tue Mar 07 2017

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