Google Chrome Users Beware Of Hack That Will Display ‘Missing Font’ File; How To Avoid Malware?

Google Chrome users should beware the "missing font" file malware.

Security Thu Feb 23 2017

Swedish ISPs Refuses to Block The Pirate Bay and Other Torrent Website Despite Court Ruling [VIDEO]

Despite the new Bredbandsbolaget ruling, other ISPs are still refusing to block torrent websites like the Pirate Bay despite the increased pressure.

Security Thu Feb 23 2017

European Union Questions Wndows 10 Data Collecting Policy Anew; Microsoft Responds By Prepping Creators Update

A year has lapsed since privacy advocates from European Union wrote to Microsoft about Windows 10 gathering data from users but the watchdog is still unhappy about the tech giant's response.

Security Thu Feb 23 2017

Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox Features Notifications Against Unsecured Websites So Users Can Decide, Apple Safari Kicks Out Sites Themselves

Web browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox offer as much explicit advice and notifications to the users regarding security concerns.

Security Tue Feb 21 2017

AT&T LG G5 Finally Gets Nougat 7.0 Update, 1.5GB OS update Available Now

AT&T LG G5 users should now be able to take advantage of features like the new doze mode, revamped quick settings, and split screen app support.

Security Tue Feb 21 2017

Verizon Shaves $350 Million In Yahoo Purchase After Data Breaches; Over 1 Billion Emails & Passwords Are Compromised

Two major data breaches on Yahoo significantly reduced its price as negotiation for selling the internet business to Verizon continues.

Security Sat Feb 18 2017

Microsoft Users Will Be Vulnerable To Attacks As It Delays ‘Patch Tuesday’ For A Whole Month; What Could Be The Reason For Such A Long Delay?

Microsoft announced that it will delay is security patch for the month of February until March 14. See the possible reason for the long delay.

Security Fri Feb 17 2017

ESET Warns Against Malware That Masquerades As Flash Player: Here's How To Detect The Trojan

ESET researchers revealed a new app that masquerades as Flash Player.

Security Thu Feb 16 2017

Shortage of Cybersecurity Experts & Shadow IT Threatens Cloud Industry; Companies Are In Losing Trend Despite Hot Public Reception

Cloud-based data and applications are difficult to maintain so the industry is slow in its development.

Security Thu Feb 16 2017

UK Cyber Schools Program Will Deploy Teenagers Against Hackers; Addressed Lack Of Cyber Security Experts

UK government counters potential shortage of cybersecurity experts by launching Cyber Schools Program which gives extensive mentoring modules to extracurricular clubs.

Security Wed Feb 15 2017

Apple's Tim Cook Calls For Strict Policy Against Fake News; Proposes Embedded Information Campaign In School Curriculum

Apple big boss Tim Cook appeals to governments to launch measures against fake news that are proliferating the internet nowadays.

Security Wed Feb 15 2017

How To Make A Secure Password: Worst Passwords Are '123456,' 'qwerty' & 'password,' Says Keeper Security Study

Over 10 million passwords that leaked online in 2016 revealed that majority are using terrible number-key combinations, making them susceptible to brute-force unraveling.

Security Wed Feb 15 2017

Glitch In Uber App Ends A Frenchman's Marriage After His Wife Traced His Affair; Sues Uber For $47 Million

An unnamed French is suing Uber after a glitch in the app made his wife track his car-hailing escapades, making his wife conclude that he is into illicit affair and ultimately lead to a divorce.

Security Mon Feb 13 2017

Elcomsoft Accused Apple Of Storing Deleted Browsing History; Calls iCloud Cross-Device Sync A Culprit For Security Vulnerability

Software company Elcomsoft accused Apple of storing deleted browsing history through iCloud's cross-device syncing feature.

Security Mon Feb 13 2017

Self-Destruct Smartphones Ala James Bond Is Finally Possible; Saudi Engineers Developed Extra Protection For Spies, Bankers, Corporate Executives Against Sensitive Data

Movie fans have seen self-destructing smartphones in the movies where protagonists - usually spies, get the message and just threw the phone away to explode.

Security Mon Feb 13 2017

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