Facebook Tests Out Fake News Filter in Germany Following Government Threats [VIDEO]

Facebook has now announced that they will be testing out their new fake news filtering system in Germany this week.

Security Tue Jan 17 2017

iOS 10 Users Looking to Pangu 10.2 Jailbreak as Yalu 10.1.1 Jailbreaking Tool Still Stuck in Beta

Discouraged users who are disappointed with the Yalu iOS 10.1 Jailbreak are now looking to Team Pangu to come up with a better jailbreaking tool.

Security Tue Jan 17 2017

WhatsApp Messages & Calls Can Be Exploited; Facebook Calls the Security Risk 'Normal'

Facebook's WhatsApp took a step further to protect its users' privacy by encrypting all messages and calls made using their app. However, reports suggest that WhatsApp may not be as secured as everybody perceived it to be.

Security Mon Jan 16 2017

Pangu Working On iOS 10 Jailbreaking Tool, Waiting For Apple To Release 10.2 Firmware First?

iPhone owners are waiting which would issue a release first - Pangu with the iOS 10 jailbreaking tool it is developing or Apple which is developing the 10.2 security patch?

Security Mon Jan 16 2017

Hackers May Hack Into St. Jude’s Pacemakers & Defibrillators To Deliver Damaging Shock To The Heart, Warns Homeland Security

FDA’s investigation has confirmed the vulnerabilities that can be hacked and used to administer dangerous shock to a person’s heart, alter pacing and drastically deplete the implanted device’s battery.

Security Thu Jan 12 2017

The Pirate Bay Dubbed As Biggest Torrent Site For 2017; Authorities Turn Down Offer To Help Catch Child Pornographers

The Pirate Bay is now the biggest torrent site after Kickass Torrents was shut down last year.

Security Thu Jan 12 2017

Microsoft To Address Windows 10 Privacy Issues With Creators Update; Web-Based Privacy Dashboard To Make Things Simple

The diagnostic data collection levels are being simplified and the Windows 10 Creators Update will have the option to switch between basic and full data collection levels. Microsoft hopes to plug security loopholes with its next update.

Security Wed Jan 11 2017

Banking Trojan Malware Disguises Itself As Super Mario Run To Victim Android Users

A Trojan malware disguises as "Super Mario Run" to collect banking details from the users.

Security Wed Jan 11 2017

Shamoon, A Malware That Wipes Hard Drives, Has Returned; Is Now Targeting Virtual Desktops

A new version of the disk-wiping malware Shamoon has been detected.

Security Wed Jan 11 2017

Two Razer Prototype Laptops Stolen From CES Booth

Two of the prototypes from Razor were stolen during the end of the CES 2017 in LAs Vegas.

Security Mon Jan 09 2017

Ubtech Robotics Partnered With Amazon To Bring Alexa To Its Latest Robot Called Lynx

Ubtech Robotics unveiled it latest robot with the integration of Amazon's Alexa.

Security Fri Jan 06 2017

New Android Malware Attacks Your Wireless Router Through Your Phone

Switcher Trojan uses Android phones to attack wireless routers and get information from infected networks.

Security Thu Jan 05 2017

Amazon Alexa Continues to Dazzle with Ford Compatibility; Cars, Lights & Doors Can Be Controlled

The AI war continues with Amazon's Alexa confirmed to merge with Ford's vehicles.

Security Thu Jan 05 2017

Hyperface Project Uses Printed Patterns On Cloth To Confuse Facial Recognition Software

Berlin-based technologist Adam Harvey develops Hyperface project to confuse facial recognition software by using print patterns with many facial features.

Security Thu Jan 05 2017

Apple iOS 10.3 Update To Introduce Theatre Mode

Upcoming iOS update may be coming soon for iPhone users this month along with a new feature.

Security Wed Jan 04 2017

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