Sony Xperia Z2 issues: overheating while recording 4K video, waterproof capabilities possibly compromised

9 April 2014, 7:22 am EDT By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

The new Sony Xperia Z2 may be delayed in some regions, but it already launched in Singapore and some users are reporting various issues with their handsets.

Launching as the company's latest flagship smartphone, the Sony Xperia Z2 comes packed with high-end specs and features that make it worthy of the title. The handset has stirred lots of interest in the mobile market and its wider launch is highly-anticipated, but some problems are apparently marring the experience.

Small Gap(s)

The first issue reported refers to a small gap between the front panel of the handset and its aluminum frame. This gap is reportedly the most noticeable in the top right side, giving the impression glass does not properly align and seal. The issue is apparently more prominent in the white models of the smartphone. As expected, users have started to express concerns regarding whether this gap would affect the smartphone's water-resistance capabilities.

"We are aware of some users' concern on the waterproofing capability of the Xperia Z2 due to the presence of gap(s) and are currently looking into this issue. In the meantime, users who wish to [sic] may bring their Xperia Z2 to any service center to have our staff conduct a water resistant test," said Sony Mobile Singapore, as cited by Hardware Zone (via the Xperia Blog).


Another issue involves overheating when recording 4K video or intensive photo-shooting, and sometimes this problem also prompts the camera application to force close. Sony is looking into this matter as well, but doesn't have many details for now.

"We are aware of some users encountering issues when shooting 4K video for extended periods," Sony Mobile Singapore said in this regards. "Shooting movies in high quality 4K resolution can make significant demands on your phone's processor and battery life, as well as phone memory. Therefore for the best experience, we recommend you install a high capacity SD card (Xperia Z2 can take a card up to 128GB) and shoot 4K video in short bursts of no longer than a few minutes at a time."

It remains unclear at this point just how widespread these issues are and how many handsets are affected. Sony is expected to look into the matter and offer more information shortly. We'll keep you up to date as soon as we have more details. If you have a Sony Xperia Z2, drop by our comment section below and let us know whether you've experienced similar issues or some other problems with the handset. 

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