T-Mobile now offers 4G LTE iPads for the price of Wi-Fi-only models, adds more free data

13 April 2014, 7:13 am EDT By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

T-Mobile has a new deal in place for 4G LTE-enabled iPads, selling them at the same price as the Wi-Fi-only models and offering more free data.

Self-branded as the "Uncarrier," T-Mobile continues its efforts to shake things up in the mobile market and offer heavily competitive deals to attract more customers. The Magenta carrier is often trying to beat its rivals, claiming to provide much more affordable options to customers.

This new move is called Operation Tablet Freedom, and it consists of a program that allows users to add a tablet to their postpaid voice plan for free. Starting on Saturday, April 12, T-Mobile customers can also get nearly 1.2B of free 4G LTE data every month through 2014.

"With this announcement, T-Mobile is launching a full-on assault against the restrictions and pain points that keep tablet owners from experiencing life beyond the Wi-Fi Zone," touts T-Mobile president and CEO John Legere. "The Un-carrier is all about solving pain points, and today we're eliminating every reason to be stuck on an unconnected Wi-Fi-only tablet. There's no longer any need to limit the use of your tablet because you're intimidated by Big Blue, Bad Red or Bumbling Yellow."

Just in case anyone missed those jabs, T-Mobile is talking about AT&T (Big Blue), Verizon Wireless (Bad Red), and Sprint (Bumbling Yellow), the other three major U.S. carriers. T-Mobile's new move to offer LTE iPads at the same price as their Wi-Fi-only counterparts allows for great savings, as LTE models are generally significantly more expensive.

Apple, for instance, is selling its Wi-Fi + LTE iPad models for $130 more than the Wi-Fi-only versions, but T-Mobile is eliminating this gap. The new deal applies to the iPad Air, the first-generation iPad Mini, and the iPad Mini with Retina display. As an example, the LTE-enabled 16GB iPad Air now costs just $430 from T-Mobile, instead of $630. The carrier is also offering the same deal for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, Galaxy Tab 3, and Nexus 7, selling the Wi-Fi + LTE models at the same price as the Wi-Fi-only versions.

Meanwhile, customers who already have some sort of voice plan on T-Mobile can get 1GB of data added to their account for free to use each month throughout the end of the year. Considering that T-Mobile already offers 200MB for free with the purchase of a tablet, this could amount to 1.2GB of free data per month. Moreover, new and existing T-Mobile customers also get $10 off the operator's contract-free data plans for the rest of 2014.

Customers locked onto other networks, meanwhile, can find comfort as well, as T-Mobile is still willing to pay any early termination fees (ETFs) by offering credits for smartphones and tablets you trade in. 

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