Amazon’s upcoming 3D smartphone leaks in first images, with more spec details

16 April 2014, 8:11 am EDT By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

Following several rumored that Amazon was getting ready to release its first smartphone, the first images of the purported handset have now leaked online.

Amazon has been expanding its horizons with several devices in addition to its popular services. On the tablet market, the company is competing against rivals with its own-brand Kindle Fire slates, which run a forked version of Android. Amazon also expanded into the living room with its recently launched Fire TV set-top box, which goes up against Roku, Apple TV, Google's Chromecast and other such gadgets.

On the smartphone front, meanwhile, Amazon has yet to make its debut. The company has been rumored for years to be working on a smartphone, but nothing materialized so far. Just last week a Wall Street Journal report claimed that Amazon may finally introduce its upcoming smartphone in June and launch it sometime in the third quarter, but nothing is confirmed at this point.

Amazon's first smartphone is expected to boast a new and innovative 3D interface that doesn't require special glasses, and the purported handset has now made its way online in a set of leaked images.

The first renders of the upcoming Amazon smartphone come from BGR, which published several images along with some details about the handset.

"BGR has spoken with multiple trusted sources and confirmed much of what has been reported thus far. We have also exclusively learned many new details surrounding Amazon's upcoming smartphone, which is set to debut in the coming months," reports the publication.

"Finally, we have obtained exclusive photos of a prototype of the unreleased device, giving the world its first look at Amazon's hotly anticipated phone."

The images show a device covered by a protective shell, designed to prevent unauthorized people from seeing the smartphone's physical design. BGR has also "blocked or otherwise obscured" some areas of the photos to keep the handset's design under wraps.

The publication notes that Amazon plans to launch the high-end smartphone seen in these images, as well as an entry-level device afterwards, which would feature lower-end specs and an attractive price tag. The lower-end model will reportedly launch sometime after the high-end one, but no timeframe is currently available.

According to BGR, Amazon's high-end smartphone will pack a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 2GB of RAM. It will sport a 4.7-inch display with 720p resolution and will boast a total of six cameras to support its 3D interface. The smartphone will reportedly feature a 13-megapixel rear camera and a front-facing shooter, while the other four cameras, purportedly low-power infrared, will be located in the corners on the front of the handset.

These four cameras will reportedly track the position of the user's eyes and face in order to allow the software to constantly adjust what the user sees on the handset's display. The 3D effect will reportedly be similar to what Nintendo used with its 3DS portable.

Amazon's smartphone will also feature the company's Mayday customer service, which arrived with Amazon's latest Kindle Fire tablets. BGR further claims that the handset will make its long-awaited debut sometime this summer, with initial availability exclusive to the U.S.

Until official confirmation, however, it is highly advisable to take all such leaks, rumors and speculation with a hefty grain of salt. Rumors of an Amazon smartphone have been making rounds for ages, but the company has yet to announce such plans.

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