Get $80 more for your iPhone 5 if it has faulty sleep/wake button

28 April 2014, 2:44 am EDT By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

It recently came to light that some iPhone 5 units have faulty sleep buttons, and it seems that in this case they are worth $80 more when traded in.

If your iPhone 5 has a faulty sleep button you can either send it back to Apple and wait for a fix, or trade it in and get $80 more than you would otherwise get for it.

Apple has assured all iPhone 5 users affected by this issue that it will repair any unit with a faulty sleep/ wake button, but the process isn't that pleasant. Not because users would have to pay anything, but simply because it will take a pretty good while, and no smartphone user wants to spend time without their trusted gadget.

Luckily, it seems that sending the iPhone 5 off for repair is not the only option. According to a new report from 9to5Mac, Apple Retail Stores could offer customers an extra $80 when they trade in an iPhone 5 affected by this issue.

"According to internal documents furnished to Apple employees this weekend, US customers who make a Genius Bar appointment for the known sleep/wake issue can opt to trade-in their device and may receive up to $350 (or $370 in Canada) in credit, which is $80 over the current maximum for non-affected devices," reads the report.

As expected, the device has to be in full working condition otherwise in order to receive the maximum amount for the trade-in.

"The device must be free from any issues aside from the sleep/wake defect," 9to5Mac explains.

The publication further adds that Apple doesn't want to publicize this deal because it doesn't want people to misinterpret its move. The company reportedly instructed Apple Retail Store employees not to disclose information regarding this offer unless customers specifically ask about the option of trading in to upgrade to an iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C. In other words, Apple doesn't want customers to feel it is pushing them toward an upgrade with a new contract, instead offerin this option when they are already interested in it.

Meanwhile, iPhone 5 owners who are not sure whether their device is affected by this sleep/wake issue can check their smartphone's serial number and see if it's among the "small percentage" with the fault at Apple's dedicated web page at this link. As previously mentioned, Apple will make the necessary repairs completely free of charge, but the process may take up to six weeks. Those who can't imagine living without their smartphone for so long may find it more advantageous to choose this trade-in deal and get $80 more for their device.

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