Facebook privacy now a priority, Anonymous Login finally possible

1 May 2014, 5:58 am EDT By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

Facebook, the social media network that pushed the trend of sharing too much online, is now taking a stance to protect your privacy and anonymity.

At its f8 developer conference, Facebook revealed that it is making some major changes to the way it shares user info around the Web. More specifically, the social media giant now wants to allow users to try out a new app or website by logging in with Facebook, but without having to share everything.

"Today at f8, we introduced a new Facebook Login experience that gives people more control over the information they share with apps," the company explains in a blog post on its developer page. "Today, we're making additional improvements to Login based on people's feedback."

"First, people want more control over sharing their personal information with apps. The new Facebook Login lets people edit the info that they provide."

Facebook's founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg further explained that his company wants to put people first, and for this reason it will make an effort to gain users' trust by making their data more private and secure.

Up until now, logging in with Facebook to use an app meant that said app got access to your whole life, everything you ever shared on Facebook. With the new Login experience, you will now see a checklist of every piece of data the app would like to use, allowing you to choose which bits you agree to share. Moreover, you can even login anonymously now.

"Some people want to log into apps without sharing their Facebook information at all. With Anonymous Login, people can do just that," Facebook further explains. "Apps will still get the benefit of Facebook identity verification and cross-platform sync, and people can easily upgrade to the full Facebook Login experience later on."

Coming from a company that has pioneered the whole trend of sharing way too much of your personal information online, this new strategy marks a notable step forward in the right direction. The new move will surely be beneficial for Facebook as well, as users will feel more secure and protected when logging in with their Facebook account for various websites, apps and others. Facebook currently has an impressive active user base of 1.28 billion people worldwide, and this latest effort may help the company attract even more users.

Facebook also worked on several other things besides improving the Login experience, so check out the company's blog post (link in third paragraph) for more information.

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