iPad multitasking finally possible with new jailbreak tweak – Achievement unlocked (VIDEO)

11 May 2014, 8:01 am EDT By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

The iPad is finally able to do two or more things at once thanks to a new jailbreak tweak that maximizes the tablet's potential.

Apple's iPad is widely popular, but despite its high-end specs and features its functionality is limited by its inability to handle multiple tasks at the same time. Microsoft has mocked the iPad on several occasions, touting that its Surface is superior because it can do more things at once, but now the iPad can too.

The new jailbreak tweak has recently surfaced on Cydia and is one of the best tweaks so far for the iPad. Dubbed the "OS Experience," this new jailbreak finally enables the iPad to handle two or more apps at the same time, side by side. Users will be able to easily drag between desktops to handle the apps with no hassle.

When you swipe up with four fingers for instance, a "mission control" mode will activate and allow you to switch between desktops or applications in an easy, fast and seamless manner. In an app, simply swiping down with four fingers will reveal the title bar, allowing you to shrink the app, drag it to a more convenient location, or snap it to the side. Just like on OS X, iPad users will also be able to swipe between desktops and applications with this new jailbreak.

"OS Experience was made because the iPad seemed bland to me," explains Reddit user eswick, the developer behind this neat jailbreak tweak. "I knew the hardware had potential, but the software didn't cover the things I wanted it to do, personally. So that's where OSE came from."

This tweak clearly demonstrates that the iPad is capable of so much more, and maybe it will give Apple something to think about. This exciting jailbreak completely changes the OS and allows for superior functionality, revealing the iPad's great potential. It remains unclear why Apple didn't enable its tablet to operate two or more apps at the same time, but the company may consider it from now on.

The iPad is indeed capable of multitasking, just not officially. If you want to enjoy running two or more apps at once on your iPad, you'll have to settle for this jailbreak for now. The OS Experience costs $9.99 and will completely transform your iPad. Check out the video below for more details:

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