Is this the Nexus 8 set to debut at Google I/O 2014 this month?

5 June 2014, 7:36 am EDT By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

The much-rumored Google Nexus 8 tablet has leaked yet again, this time in a couple of photos and with some details on specs.

With Apple's WWDC about to end soon, all eyes will be on Google and its upcoming I/O developer conference. Google is expected to make several exciting announcements, both on the software and hardware fronts, and the purported Nexus 8 is at the center of hardware expectations.

The Nexus 8 is expected to be the star of the show at this year's Google I/O conference, and also serve as the launch vehicle for a new version of Android. This purported tablet has starred in various rumors so far, and it's very intriguing for a number of reasons. It's rumored to come from HTC, and it would also launch as Google's very first 8-inch tablet. The tablet is further expected to boast a 64-bit processor under the hood, and come with a more premium pricing compared to existing Nexus devices.

Adding to the slew of rumors is a brand new leak, as the purported Nexus 8 has allegedly been spotted on camera wearing a protective shell. The leaked photos in question come from MyDrivers, which also revealed a few details regarding the Nexus 8's hardware specs.

According to this leak, the Nexus 8 will pack a Qualcomm 64-bit processor, likely either a Snapdragon 808 or a Snapdragon 810. However, considering that neither of these Snapdragon chipsets are not expected to hit commercially available devices until 2015, take this bit of info with a big grain of salt. By contrast, earlier rumors pointed to an Intel Moorefield 64-bit chip.

The Nexus 8 is further expected to come with a hefty 3GB of RAM and rock the latest version of Google's popular OS, i.e. Android 4.5, or whatever it will be called.

As always with leaks and speculation, however, keep in mind that it's all in the rumor state at this point. This means that until an official announcement from Google, a healthy dose of skepticism is highly recommended. With Google's I/O 2014 conference set to take place later this month, we'll soon know all the details straight from the source, so stay tuned.

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