iPad Air 2 leaked images show comparison shots with current iPad Air

4 July 2014, 7:18 am EDT By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

The upcoming iPad Air 2 has leaked in a bunch of new images online, posing for the camera next to the current iPad Air tablet.

Leaks surrounding Apple products seem to be surfacing on an almost daily basis, and this time the purported iPad Air 2 stars in some intriguing images aiming to give us a better look at how it would compare to the current generation.

More specifically, these new photos show the existing iPad Air next to what looks like an iPad Air 2 mockup. While this may not be the final design of the tablet, mockups often give precious hints at what we can expect.

The newly-leaked images come from Japanese publication ASCII Plus (via GforGames), and reveal several neat design cues. First of all, the purported iPad Air 2 seems to have a Touch ID fingerprint sensor instead of the regular home button, which falls in line with previous rumors that all new-generation Apple products will come with Touch ID. The lack of an Apple logo on the back of the device further confirms that this is just a mockup, not the real device.

Nevertheless, these images also seem to show a thinner profile compared to the current model, though with similar design cues such as the stylish diamond cut edge. Moreover, the lock switch seems to be missing from the new-generation iPad Air, suggesting that the portrait/landscape function will no longer rely on a switch, but on the notification center. The volume buttons are also more seamlessly integrated.

In terms of size, the iPad Air 2 seems to have roughly the same dimensions as the current model, save for the slightly thinner profile, but a redesigned flip cover would nonetheless be necessary for the new iteration due to the position of the camera and the physical buttons.

As previously mentioned, however, this is just a mockup of the upcoming iPad Air 2, which means that this may or may not be the final design. The design cues are worth taking into account, but nothing is for certain until Apple makes an official announcement. As always in such cases, take everything with a grain of salt for now.

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