Windows Phone 8.1 rolling out to existing devices via Lumia Cyan update

16 July 2014, 6:40 am EDT By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

Windows Phone users are in for some good news, as the latest Windows Phone 8.1 is ready to roll out to existing devices via the Cyan update.

Nokia has already started seeding the highly-anticipated Cyan update for its popular Lumia devices, bringing the OS version up to Windows Phone 8.1 and adding a number of other neat features and goodies as well.

According to Nokia, the update is currently under testing, i.e. in the final testing stages with Microsoft, country or operator to achieve approval. In other words, the update should start hitting Windows Phone 8 devices within a few days.

All devices running Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 operating system will receive the new Windows Phone 8.1 and Cyan update. So far, Lumia device owners have been able to download a developer preview of the latest Windows Phone 8.1 from Microsoft's website, but that build temporarily voids the device's warranty. Moreover, it does not include the additional features Nokia has packed into its Cyan update.

Windows Phone 8.1 new features and improvements

Windows Phone 8.1 will bring major improvements, enhancements and new features over the previous version, marking a significant step forward for Microsoft's platform. One of the most highly anticipated features in the latest OS is Cortana, Microsoft's digital assistant and answer to Apple's Siri and Google Now. Cortana will grace all Windows Phone devices in the U.S. with this new update, while Action Center will bridge the gap between Microsoft's platform and rival operating systems by bringing the same functions as the quick settings menus on iOS and Android. Other neat features include Internet Explorer 11, a new Word Flow keyboard, as well as useful Device Search options.

Cyan additions

As previously mentioned, Nokia has also included some unique, exclusive features in its update package for Lumia devices. Such features include new functionality for the Nokia Camera, Creative Studio, and Storyteller apps, among other things.

The update should reach Windows Phone 8 devices in the coming days, as soon as the final testing process gets the green light. Users in North America can check out the exact availability status for various devices at this link, while users in other regions can visit Nokia's website here. To learn how to update your device, watch the video below.

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