Samsung Multi-Charging Wall Charger accessory will juice up three devices at once

22 August 2014, 7:56 am EDT By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

Samsung has a new solution in store to allow users to charge several devices at once: a Multi-Charging Wall Charger.

Most people nowadays have more than one device that needs charging via micro-USB, and Samsung wants to make it easier to charge more devices at the same time. The company has just detailed a new Multi-Charging Wall Charger accessory which will allow users to power up to three micro-USB devices at once.

Instead of buying more cables for all of your devices, or using just one cable to charge them one at a time, Samsung's new accessory aims to make things a lot easier.

Samsung's new Multi-Charging Wall Charger delivers a 2A charge, which will be equally divided among the three devices, with no discrimination. For instance, if you have to charge a smartphone, a wearable gadget, and a Bluetooth device at the same time, Samsung's new cable will deliver 667mA to each device. If you want to charge only two devices, each of them will get 1A. Of course, if you only have one device to charge,it will get the full 2A to itself.

In other words, the Multi-Charging Wall Charger is capable of detecting how many devices you have plugged in and will split the power to distribute it evenly to all gadgets. Samsung notes that its new accessory is very portable, which means you can carry it around in a pocket or a purse and have it ready whenever your devices need more juice.

"The Multi-Charging Cable is easily portable and small enough to throw in your pocket or purse. This is also the perfect accessory for the on-the-go mobile device user who carries multiple devices and pushes them to the limit," Samsung touts. "Charge a wearable, smartphone, tablet, Bluetooth headset or any other micro USB device up to three at a time from a single charger!"

The charger is currently listed as "coming soon" on Samsung's website, with no exact availability date mentioned. When it does launch, the Multi-Charging Wall Charger will cost quite a hefty $39.99. Many may find this price tag a bit too high for a charger, but those who want a portable cable that can charge multiple devices at once may be tempted to buy one.

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