Samsung Galaxy S3 Teaser Video: Should iPhone Owners be Compared to Sheep?

24 April 2012, 10:00 am EDT By Jonathan Charle Mobile & Apps

Samsung looks set to announce its flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S3, on May 3 in London. Ahead of that launch, a new teaser video claims "everyone else" is sheep. iFans insulted?

The teaser video, available on, moves through Earth and the universe while saying "[t]ruly smart technology becomes a natural part of your life. Where a galaxy fits perfectly into your hand. Your view of the world grows even wider. As you gain the power to explore it freely and swiftly. With technology that fits in this easily, you can now stand out from ... everyone else." The "everyone else" was displayed with a flock of sheep, a likely dig at iPhone owners.

Samsung has previously mocked iPhone owners in its Samsung Galaxy S2 marketing campaign, where the company poked fun at prospective iPhone owners who line up hours or "weeks" before launch, so the company is likely doing the same here.

iPhone owners have long been called "iSheep" by detractors, due to their willingness to buy Apple products at launch every year. However, the iPhone 4S sold more than four million devices in its first three days. That's one million units per day, which put the device on track to be the best-selling gadget ever.

Samsung's May 3 event asked the press to "come and meet the next galaxy." Samsung had also released a countdown time for the video over the weekend.

In February this year, Samsung announced it has sold 20 million Galaxy S2 devices. That helped Samsung to top Apple as the number one smartphone maker in 2011, despite the launch of the iPhone 4S.

The device was announced at Mobile World Congress 2011, but didn't launch in the U.S. until September for Sprint and October for AT&T and T-Mobile, with Verizon choosing the Samsung Galaxy Nexus instead - the first smartphone to launch with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Going on the S2's timeline, the S3 might not get released in the market until the end of 2012.

Check out the Samsung teaser video below and see whether you can spot yourself among the sheep.

(reported by Jonathan Charles, edited by Dave Clark)

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