‘Vikings’ Season 4 News, Spoilers: Will The Series Return With Ragnar Next On The Death List?

13 September 2016, 2:20 pm EDT By Kirsten Kane Mobile & Apps

Avid viewers of "Vikings" season 4 have been patiently waiting for its return as it has already been a while since History Channel aired its midseason finale.

According to Inquisitr, History channel has maintained that "Vikings" season 4 will return this fall, however, there was no official date yet as to when will it hit the big screen. While some of the fans thought that the release would be revealed at the 2016 San Diego Comic Con, it never happened.

Recently, Katheryn Winnick confirmed through her Twiiter account that "Vikings" Season 4 has been completed though she stopped short of releasing the comeback date.

"It's official... Season 4B is in the can and ready to hit your screens! Big thanks to Poll and Dale and all the tale..."

Moreover, Winnick, who plays the shield maiden, Lagertha, has also posted a picture on her Facebook account with a caption saying, "Mad rush to finish up Vikings 4B.. Get ready..it's going to be epic! #Vikings #Lagertha#postproduction."

The Inquisitr reported that it's the first time for "Vikings" to double their episodes as it has twenty episodes for a season than a usual ten episodes per season. Now, this might be the reason why the filming and post production took longer than expected and possibly the reason why History was not able to reveal season 4's return date.

On the other hand, it was rumored that Ragnar Lothbrok, played by Travis Fimmel, will die as the "Vikings" returns this fall, after being captured by King Ella. Ragnar's boys will start to play a much bigger role then.

Also, Ivar the Boneless's story and his Great Heathen Army is speculated to be explored as the "Vikings" move forward along with Bjorn played by Alexander Ludwig as he is set to travel to the Mediterranean.

As for Lagertha, it is believed that a battle between her and Ragnar's ex-wife Aslaug will take place to determine who will take over as Queen of Kattegat after the Viking warrior dies.

"Vikings" season 4's will premiere very soon and History has extended its contract for a 5th season. 

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