Canon EOS M5 Review: Company's Worst And Underwhelming Mirrorless?

20 September 2016, 7:28 am EDT By C. de Lacy Mobile & Apps
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Canon's latest entry to its mirrorless line, the Canon EOS M5, could easily be its best in its line of product, but does it fare well with the competition or is it lacking so much that an upgrade could bring lots of skepticism?

Based on a number of reviews from reliable digital photography review sites, the Canon EOS M5 is Canon's best mirrorless so far, but this isn't to say that it actually meets the demand for for features that other brands and manufacturers has.

According to PetaPixel's Photography Podcast Episode 108, the camera was somewhat underwhelming due to the lack of features. Leigh Diprose, an Australian commercial photographer, reviews the camera.

Not a lot of people was excited about the camera according to the podcast, which was actually true based off the trends. The Canon EOS M5's mount was underwhelming, even compared with the older, but still better Sony mirrorless cameras.

With the 24-minute long podcast, most of the facts regarding the Canon EOS M5 was enumerated, though it doesn't kill the fact that the specs and features are still lackluster based from professionals and prosumer expectations.

Digital Photography Review, while not being able to provide a full-blast review of the camera, was already able to publish an opinion regarding the Canon EOS M5, which also happens to be on the disappointing side.

While the EOS M5 was impressive spec-sheet wise and with its features plus the highly comfortable ergonomics, it may actually bring a bit of disappointment given that there wasn't much of an innovation introduced in the camera.

Canon set the standards for the past few years, which other brands like Samsung, Panasonic, and Sony followed suit. However, with the EOS M5's apparent lack of upgrades compared to the tough competition, it seems like Canon may need to raise the stakes next time.

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