'Destiny: Rise of Iron' Guide: How To Get The Thorn Exotic Hand Cannon

22 September 2016, 2:00 pm EDT By J Rose Mobile & Apps
"Destiny: Rise of Iron" will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC users on Sept. 20.  ( Youtube )

The exotic hand cannon Thorn, said to be the most powerful primary weapon in the Crucible, makes a comeback. Here's how to obtain the popular Year 1 exotic in "Destiny: Rise of Iron."

To start, you would need an exotic weapon quest, dropped randomly while turning in bounties. Once that's obtained, follow the steps below.

Step One: Echoes of Darkness

The first thing you must do is complete the new strike called Wretched Eye. You must destroy the nodes scattered around the Plaguelands, while being aware of surrounding enemies.

Once all nodes are destroyed, you will face off with an ogre and Fallen Splicer Priest Kovik. The Fallen is your main target.

Kovik is quite hard to defeat at lower levels due to his fast weapon fire and high damage, not to mention the ogre roaming around the arena. A Youtuber, Dr Lupo, found a "cheese spot" in The Wretched Eye, where you can take down Kovik with minimum effort. Watch the video below.

Step Two: Harvest of the Lesser

The second step requires you to kill 500 Fallen in the Plaguelands.

Step Three: Feast Upon The Light

Year one players will be familiar with this step, as it is the most tedious of them all. The next step requires players to get 150 kills in the Crucible using Void damage.

Step Four: Cleansed By The Light

All you need to do for this step is to consume Five Motes of Light.

Final Step: Where It Began

Players would need to open the Strike Hoard chest at the end of the Abomination Heist strike using a Skeleton Key. Skeleton Keys can be obtained from the quest "None are Perfect."

Completing the final step earns you the exotic Thorn! Year One players will find that Thorn's power has significantly decreased in "Destiny: Rise of Iron," but is still a great addition to your arsenal.

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