Leaked ‘Destiny’ Footage Reveals Possible Scenes From Cancelled ‘Destiny: Vex Void’ DLC, Speculations Suggest It May Be Reworked Into ‘Destiny 2’ [VIDEO]

17 February 2017, 10:19 am EST By Rei Lantion Mobile & Apps

A montage of short cinematic clips posted by Prologue Studios may have leaked footage from a "Destiny" DLC that never happened. Six months ago, the video production company uploaded a video of "Destiny" cut-scenes they made in collaboration with Bungie.

Fans have only now studied the video, and they've pointed out a never-before-seen animation of what looks to be the Vex being built. Reddit users posit the cinematic could have been meant for the scrapped "Destiny: Vex Void" DLC that never happened.

Original 'Destiny' DLC Plan

Reddit user grabda points out that the cinematic works could have been commissioned earlier on, following Bungie's initial DLC plan for "Destiny." He posts an image, which you can view here, that shows four episodes originally planned for "Destiny." Of the four, only "Destiny: The Dark Below" and "Destiny: House of Wolves" were released. "Vex Void" and "Forge of Gods" were scrapped.

Interestingly enough, a few hours after fans took notice, the montage was deleted from Vimeo. The fact that it was only recently taken down despite being live for six months only lends credence to the possibility that the leaked footage holds something important. Following the Reddit thread, it seems like other users have tried to upload slowed-down versions of the particular Vox scene as well, but they've all been taken down within the hour.   

You can check out an edited version of the montage on YouTube, thanks to YouTube user The Ishtar Collective. The Vox animation starts at 1:14.

Vox Footage: Trash or Reuse?

The computer generated footage shows the milky white liquid the Vex are famous for being poured into a Vex Goblin. Their eyes turn on, indicating their active, and proceed to rise out of a pool of water.

While the prevalent theory, according to Games Radar, is that this footage was originally meant for the scrapped "Vox Void" DLC, and therefore may never be included. The assumption is that the last two DLC's for the Vex and the Cabal were cancelled to make way for "Destiny 2." Due to the sequel's delay, "Destiny: Rise of Iron" was released instead.

Redditor TheStormSpartan posits an interesting theory that the Vox animations will be reworked into "Destiny 2" instead of trashing them altogether. He points out that they could have released "Vox Void" as planned during the D2 delay instead of coming up with a new expansion, as that would have required much less work.

Try to catch the video before it gets taken down or blocked, and let us know what you think: will the footage be reworked into "Destiny 2: Forge of Hope," or is this just a "Destiny" DLC we'll never get to play?  

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