'Dragon Ball Super' Chapter 16 Spoilers: Raw Japanese Scans Tease The Death Of Beerus, Kaioshin And 12 Lords Of Destruction

23 September 2016, 7:40 am EDT By Vivian E. Mobile & Apps
‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 16 Spoilers: Raw Japanese Scans Teases The Death Of Beerus, Kaioshin And 12 Lords Of Destruction  ( YouTube )

The raw Japanese scans of "Dragon Ball Super" chapter 16 was released, giving fans hints on what will happen in the upcoming chapter. It is said that the much-awaited chapter will begin with Trunks preparing Kibito and Kaioshin on how to wield the Z sword.

'Dragon Ball Super' Chapter 15 Recap

The 15th chapter of "Dragon Ball Super" manga, dubbed "Hope!! Once Again," saw Future Trunks exceptional battle with Goku Black, as per Dragon Ball Wikia. The former was said to be enraged at the latter for the sudden demise of Future Mai.

Much to the surprise of both Son Goku and Vegeta, the 15th chapter further revealed that the God of Destruction and the Supreme Kai are connected. Thus, if one dies, the other one will die as well.

'Dragon Ball Super' Chapter 16 Spoilers

Early "Dragon Ball Super" chapter 16 spoilers are now out, thanks to the raw Japanese scans posted in Reddit forum. The next chapter is dubbed "Future" Trunks' Past."

The next chapter will feature the Kais finally decided to go up against Babidi and stop his plan of restoring Majin Bu. It comes after they realized Future Trunks was ready to use the Z sword.

There, Kibito and Kaioshin will valiantly fight the henchman of Babidi. However, Debura, the leader of the demon realm, effortlessly blasted Kibito to pieces - completely overwhelming Kaioshin, as well.

Looking on from a far distance, Goku Black was ecstatic to learn the Kaioshin had already perished. With this, the antagonist started wreaking havoc on Earth once again.

The scene will then shift to the original timeline with Future Trunks narrating to everyone the fate of the Earth. He informed them that all Lords of Destruction in 12 Universes have already been killed by Goku Black, as well as  the inevitable demise of Beerus, the God of Destruction of the Universe 7, in the future timeline due to the death of Kaioshin.

"Dragon Ball Super" chapter 16 ends with a text, "What future will the apprentice-Kaioshin Zamasu see with the Time Rings...?" 

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