iPhone 7 vs HTC 10 vs LG V20 Review: Does Apple Still Have The Upper Hand? Specs, Camera, Battery Comparison

23 September 2016, 8:20 am EDT By AnishAsokan Mobile & Apps
NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 16: The new iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus are displayed on a table at an Apple store in Manhattan on September 16, 2016 in New York City. People around the globe waited in long lines to be among the first to purchase both the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. The phones offer longer battery life, faster browsing, a better camera and do not have a traditional headphone jack. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)  ( Spencer Platt / Staff )

With the iPhone 7, HTC 10, and the LG V20 becoming the instant 2016 hits among smartphone enthusiasts, we thought of comparing these flagship models and see how they outweigh each other.

While the HTC 10 was launched in April this year, the iPhone 7 and the LGV20 were launched earlier this month. When it comes to dimensions, the LGV20 is bigger than the iPhone7, then followed by the HTC 10.

The pixels per inch are higher for the HTC 10, which is then followed by the LGV20, then and the iPhone 7. Both Android flagship phones have a sharper focus than Apple's iPhone7.

When it comes to hardware, Apple's A10 Fusion makes the iPhone 7 faster than the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 based Android phones. However, the internal RAM is higher for both Android phones than the iPhone 7. Moreover, the HTC 10 and the LG V20 have expandable storage, something that Apple phones continue to lack.

The iPhone 7 comes with a 7-megapixel front camera, whereas both the HTC 10 and LG V20 come with a 5-megapixel selfie snapper. The LG V20 has an 16MP rear camera, quite higher compared to the 12 MP camera of both the HTC 10 and the iPhone 7.

With the iPhone 7 is saying goodbye to headphone jacks, the other two Android phones are keeping theirs. While many have mixed reception about this, the iPhone 7 has certainly caught the attention of everyone with the new ear pods.

The LG V20 is the only smartphone which supports infrared connectivity. However, it does not have an ambient light sensor, as mentioned in on the Verge and Gadgets NDTV, which the other two phones contain..

Also, the LG V20 is the only smartphone among three to come with a removable battery. It has a higher battery capacity than the iPhone 7 and the HTC 10. Quick charging capabilities are present for both Android phones, while the iPhone 7 lags behind.

So which smartphone stands out? This will depend entirely on your lifestyle.

Shutterbugs would definitely love the LG V20, which has an excellent shooting performance. Music enthusiasts might prefer the HTC 10 as it features a new BoomSound Hi-Fi sound with one of the woofer speakers present at the bottom of the device. Meanwhile, the Apple iPhone 7 remains to be in the spotlight because of having a well-rounded performance, excluding the battery, and memory capacity.

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