'GTA V': Is It Still Better Than 'Mafia III' Despite The Age?

14 October 2016, 8:30 am EDT By C. de Lacy Mobile & Apps

Now that the game "Mafia III" is officially released worldwide, despite the little problems it had to go through first, the game is now at its prime. But how does it fare compared to the older "GTA 5?"

"Mafia III" had a rough start. It had problems with the framerate on the PC before, but this should have already been fixed by now. Now people can focus more on what the game is really about and some have already spent a couple of hours on it.

Comparing it with Rockstar's "GTA 5," which was released roughly three years ago, the game might still be a better open-world game with tons of things to do.

For some fans and gamers, comparing "GTA 5" and "Mafia 3" is like comparing apples and oranges, especially considering the huge difference between the central focus of each game.

Forbes' Dave Thier's point of view puts "Mafia III" to a higher pedestal and this is due to the game's story. "GTA 5" had little to no central story that players can look at, while "Mafia 3" is all about how racism has been a cancer in the society back in the 60's.

Still, for for a larger demographic, "GTA 5" has been extremely popular not because of what its story has to tell about, especially with "GTA Online," which is still very much alive up to this day. Overall, "GTA 5" still has a lot of things to offer as a whole compared to "Mafia III."

"GTA 5" and its reviews speak a lot for itself and so does "Mafia III," but for which game is better is still subjective. For those looking for a centralized story without having to extend hundreds of hours on side activities, "Mafia III" is the clear choice. If getting your money's worth for a game that will never feel dull for the next 50 to 60 hours, then "GTA 5" is the better bet between the two.

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