Torrent Guide: How To Download Backlogs From Kickass Torrents After Being Down

19 October 2016, 7:20 am EDT By C. de Lacy Mobile & Apps

Kickass Torrents has ceased existing for more than a few months ago. For those that would still want to take advantage of the site, here's a way on how to use it again.

It is worth noting that all domains related to Kickass Torrents are already gone for good. However, there had been a number of proxies for the site, and copyright trolls were active enough to work with whichever government to put a stop to them just as well.

Fortunately, one good proxy, which almost represents the original Kickass Torrents, still exists with all of the torrents that was there before it was put down. Report from Earnspree indicates that the Kickass community is still alive and is just waiting for the owners to reinstate the site.

Going to will bring any user to a mirror site that feels and looks like the original Kickass Torrents. Even so, only the torrents that were active before it got shut down will be the ones that users can download. This may be a good use for those who have bookmarked or have a few couple of things to get from the site before it was struck down.

For those looking for an even more active community, going to provides the best and latest news regarding the sites status, policies, proxies and even Artem Vaulin's petition to be freed status.

Still, even with the Kickass Moderators active in the official Kickass Comminity, this isn't any indication that torrents will be added. According to the moderators, they still don't have any go signal from the owners hence, they still have to keep their heads low.

As of writing, the status to free Artem Vaulin is still 14, 128 signs short of 75,000 for This isn't to say that once achieved, Vaulin will be freed and Kickass will be back in action. Hopefully, if all things turns out to be better, Kickass Torrents can make a comeback like the former Megaupload did with Mega.

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