Kickass Torrents Might Return Along With Artem Vaulin; But Here's What We Should Know First

29 November 2016, 8:15 am EST By C. de Lacy Mobile & Apps

In a long battle against criminal offense, Artem Vaulin, the man behind the popular torrent site Kickass Torrents, might be free February next year, and the site might also come back to life. Here's what's going on so far.

A recent report from TorrentFreak tackles about an on-going issue regarding U.S Indictment and how it is still "fatally flawed." This points to a number of misleading claims, which have no real foundation in the criminal law.

There was a dispute last month regarding the various flaws that's holding the KAT owner from becoming free of charges. The U.S didn't agree with these and pointed that the site isn't as harmless as they try to make it appear to be.

The U.S have pointed out several infringement issues regarding the site's activities as well as separate streaming sites, which Vaulin was also involved with.

However, the KAT defense team submitted a note pointing out a number of flaws from the U.S' indictment.

"The failure of the Response to address defendant's showing of an improper indictment tacitly admits the impropriety," they write, which shows a number of accusations that aren't even criminal offenses and are missing some significant details.

One such eye-opener is the part where streaming isn't a felony in the U.S just as well as sharing non-copyrighted torrent file. The KAT defense indicates this as it makes the U.S government appear that it is violation its own set of criminal guidelines.

Another significant note is about the the removed criminal copyright offense about "aiding and abetting." This should not hold Kickass Torrents or any site from being liable with what the users post, upload and share in their websites.

To check the list of these "flaws," users can view this PDF.

While there isn't any certainty about Artem Vaulin's case dismissal, the defense team is looking forward to have this case resolved as a final step on moving forward. The detention for the KAT owner has been extended up until February 2017 and we'll see how it goes from there.

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