'World Of Warcraft: Legion': 'Return To Karazhan' Release Date Revealed; Here's What We Know So Far

19 October 2016, 7:35 am EDT By J Rose Mobile & Apps

Blizzard Entertainment has revealed the much awaited release date of "World of Warcraft: Legion"'s first major update, "Return To Karazhan."

Speaking during a live developer Q&A on "Warcraft"'s official Twitch channel earlier this week, newly appointed Game Director Ion Hazzikostas confirmed that Patch 7.1 will be making its way to the game on Oct. 25.

The developer has announced the upcoming patch during this year's Gamescom even before "Legion" was officially live. "Return To Karazhan" will feature lots of new content, players will see the comeback of the iconic Karazhan.

Karazhan was featured as a level 70, ten-player raid instance in "World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade," and will now appear as a large five-player dungeon in the "Legion" expansion.

The "epic dungeon" will feature nine of the 11 original bosses, according to Game Revolution. Players can still access the old Karazhan after the patch.

Apart from the new dungeon, Patch 7.1 will also include outdoor content for non-raiders, which will be associated with Suramar and pushes forward the Nightfallen story.

Apart from Karazhan, a smaller three-boss raid instance called "The Trial of Valor" will also be added, and is said to resolve the pending plot in Stormheim between Helya and Odyn, according to App Trigger.

Blizzard promises that there will be no "content drought" this time around, something that happened with previous expansions "Warlords of Draenor" and "Mists of Pandaria." At the same time, the developer said that the team will not rush an expansion, and will make sure to release it when ready.

The developer looks to make up for its previous mistakes, promising a steady stream of content following the latest expansion. Blizzard has assured players that raid tiers should last around 4 to 5 months, and will make sure that players will not run out of things to do.

In the meantime, those who have already reached the level cap of 110 and is lost on what to do can go check out our "World Of Warcraft: Legion'" End Game Guide for more tips.

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