Apple Acquires; Ten Possible Designs For The Next 4-Inch iPhone [PHOTOS]

18 May 2012, 7:48 am EDT By Akansha Srivastava Mobile & Apps

Since the early week of May, tech giant Apple Inc. was already in the news due to its efforts to secure the ownership of through the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). And recently, reports have emerged, confirming Apple's win in the dispute over the domain, and now is being held by brand protection agency Corporation Service Company, which may have been used by Apple to take ownership.

Though previous owners of the domain's details have not been revealed yet, reportedly was registered four years ago as an online bulletin board and was stamped with the CYA disclaimer that the site was not to be endorsed, sponsored nor otherwise affiliated with Apple.

Well, this definitely hints at the fact that Apple will call its next smartphone as the highly rumored - iPhone 5. However, the dispute does not confirm that Apple will name its next-generation smartphone 'iPhone 5.'

At present, the shows a complete blank page, without even a particular note or "under construction" note. However, before the domain got terminated, the site campaigned to have the domain stay independent, telling visitors to "Call Corporate Of Apple and tell them to stop there persuit!! Blow up there phones, Spam there emails, call there Administration! Do something to get our point across."

Also looking at the past records, this is not the first time that Apple has overtly fought over the domain-name ownership, prior to its major product launch. When Apple had to launch the iCloud in 2011, it obtained the domain from Xcerion, a Swedish software company. The exchange was agreeable with Apple reportedly paying $4.5 million for the URL.

The current dispute over also resembles Apple's acquisition of the domain, which it won last year after WIPO ruled that the owner,, needed to hand it over.

Whatever Apple is going to name its next generation iPhone, technically it will be the sixth model of iPhone released by Apple. The recent rumors and speculations in the run up to release have confirmed that Apple will follow the 4-inch screen strategy for its next iPhone. Here take a look at the 10 best possible designs to envision what the Apple's next iPhone might look like.

iPhone 5 concept design by iPhone SJ/Antonio De Rosa

iPhone 5 concept design by ADR Studio

iPhone 5 concept design by Jin YoungiPhone 5 concept design by MacRumorsiPhone 5 concept design by Gizmodo:Nak

iPhone 5 concept design by Handy FlashiPhone 5 concept design by ADR Studio

iPhone 5 concept design by Ciccarese

iPhone 5 concept design by Fuse Chicken

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