‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Spoilers: Dr. Jacob Carlisle To Make The Devil’s World Upside Down? Charlotte Uses Amenadiel In Episode 10

28 November 2016, 1:40 pm EST By Paulo Kevin Dela Cruz Mobile & Apps

After Chloe almost blew herself up in the previous episode of "Lucifer" Season 2, the Devil may have figured out the dirty plan of her mother as Charlotte turns to Amenadiel in Episode 10. New character, Dr. Jacob Carlisle, is set to make the life of somebody that the Devil cares about at risk.

Charlotte knows that Chloe is the best person that can make her son change his mind. That's why, she is trying her best to devise a plan in order to convince him to go with her. However, Lucifer may already be aware of what his mother is after.

As seen in the episode 10 teaser of "Lucifer" Season 2, the Devil gives his mother a fair warning to stay away from his best confidante, following the incident in episode 9 where Chloe almost killed herself in a car with an explosive.

However, latest spoilers reveal that Charlotte won't easily give up on him, as she turns to Amenadiel for intel on Chloe. The mother uses Amenadiel to find out something about Chloe that could affect Luci and Chloe's relationship for good.

As per "Lucifer" Season 2 episode 10 synopsis, "Charlotte tries to turn Chloe against Lucifer in an effort to get him to depart Earth; Amenadiel becomes Charlotte's soldier, leaving Maze to question his loyalty."

CarterMatt speculates that Charlotte may say something to Chloe that can jeopardize their relationship. And the mother may figure out why Chloe is very special to Luci. But Charlotte's actions may also yield a positive result for Luci-Chloe's relationship. Perhaps, it could strengthen their romance.

Chloe's life will not only be affected by Lucifer's mother, as TVLine teases that a new character named Dr. Jacob Carlisle is set to make one of Lucifer's important people in danger.

The brilliant neuroscience professor is going to be played by "White Collar" alum Tim DeKay. Dr. Carlisle is expected to appear in Episode 12 and 13 of "Lucifer" Season 2 with "deadly ramifications on someone the Devil cares about."

If not Chloe, it can either be Ella, Charlotte, Amenadiel, Trixie, Linda or Maze. So, stay tuned for more "Lucifer" Season 2 spoilers and updates.

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