'Tekken 7' Updates: PC Version Confirmed, Switch Port Consideration And Why Akuma

29 November 2016, 2:00 pm EST By C. de Lacy Mobile & Apps

Probably one of the most iconic 3D fighting games, "Tekken 7" is within the fans' reaches after gracing the arcades. Will the PC version make way for even more popularity? And what about a Switch port?

In a recent interview with Gamespot, "Tekken" creator Katsuhiro Harada mentioned that there's a strong calling for the franchise to be fully supported on the PC instead of simply staying on the consoles and its original arcade homes.

When asked about the reason behind the driving force to bring "Tekken 7" to the PC, Harada simply stated that there's a good amount of exposure for the game once it reaches the PC platform. It would also be easier to share and stream gameplays as the fighting game has been, but one of the standard eSports games nowadays.

Another reason is due to the team's development environment. They are developing the game using the latest Unreal Engine on a PC and it would only make a lot of sense to have it run as intended on the PC just as well.

However, when asked with a Nintendo Switch version, Harada only expressed a sign of uncertainty as they were surprised with the announcement just as well way back. This isn't any sign that a Nintendo Switch port can happen anytime soon.

When asked about why Akuma had to make his appearance in "Tekken 7," Harada mentioned about a prior plan about including the raging demon from "Street Fighter" even before there were plans for a "Tekken X Street Fighter" crossover (which didn't happen unfortunately.)

Akuma isn't just incorporated in the game like some random cameo similar to some extra characters from the "Soul Calibur" series. He has his own story mode and not just a backstory to justify his inclusion. Other characters are being considered, though the team isn't really focused about adding them right away at the moment.

There's no set date for the "Tekken 7" console and PC release as of yet, but be sure to stay tuned to get the latest news and updates.

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