Galaxy S3 Versus iPhone 4S: Top Reasons Why Samsung Beats Apple

26 May 2012, 1:06 pm EDT By Vamien McKalin Mobile & Apps

There are many who are not pleased with the Samsung Galaxy S3 being compared to the iPhone 4S, mainly due to how old the 4S is. However, the Apple iPhone 4S is the number one selling smartphone on the planet, so until Apple announces the iPhone 5 or new iPhone, these types of comparisons cannot be helped in the very least.

When it comes to specs under the plastic nature design body of the Galaxy S3, there is no doubt iPhone 4S is begging to be removed from this comparison, but it better stand tall because that won't be happening today. For today we will talk about our top reasons why the Galaxy S3 hits the iPhone 4S out of the ball park into a galaxy far, far away.

Gigantic 4.8 inch display

This is the first thing most people will notice when they view the Galaxy S3 for the first time. The display on this bad boy is extremely beautiful and vibrant, all thanks to the Super AMOLED HD technology inside. The iPhone 4S is still rocking that old 3.5-inch screen. Probably Apple didn't get the memo but 3.5 inch screens are for dumbphones, not smartphones.

Speedy Quad Core processor

Killing the iPhone 4S softly, is the 1.4GHz quad core Exynos processor that lies at the heart of the Galaxy S3 hardware. This allows the device to be two times faster than the Galaxy S2, which is a smartphone that already has beaten the 4S in speed. The meager 1GHz dual core processor which is underclocked to 800MHz per core, is all the iPhone 4S is able to push, but that is not enough in 2012.

Smart Stay equals for a smarter phone

Taking a page out of Apple's book, Samsung is focusing a lot of software this time around instead of releasing a device with brawn but no brain. The Smart Stay tech in the handset truly sets it apart from the iPhone 4S, and could be one of the main selling points. Smart Stay utilizes the 1.9 megapixel front facing camera to track your eye movements, this allows the phone to tell if you are looking at the screen or not, so it can take certain actions. For example, look away from the screen and the display will fall into sleep mode. Look back, it will wake up.

Siri? What's that?

We knew beforehand that Samsung would have announced software to take on Apple's Siri, and that it did. The company calls this S-Voice, and if the demonstration works in the real world, Siri would have to take the backseat of the bus. It's all about the little thing here; things like commanding your phone to turn down or up the volume and telling your phone to wake up are what truly sets S-Voice apart.

Finally, the OS. Android 4.0 is better than iOS 5, let's face it

Hot topic right here, and we probably won't get much love for saying Android 4.0 is better than iOS 5, but truth is truth. Android 4.0 has a new user interface that is the same across smartphones and tablets. Along with that, users can unlock their phone by using face recognition. The support for NFC is also big reason why Android 4.0 makes iOS 5 looks like the new kid on the block.

There you have it, our top reasons why Samsung and its Galaxy S3 smartphone kicks Apple and its iPhone 4S to the curbside.

(Reported by Vamien McKalin, edited by Surojit Chatterjee)

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